Author Topic: Adept Liwet; The Damios V Expedition  (Read 2200 times)

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Adept Liwet; The Damios V Expedition
« on: December 13, 2009, 11:50:03 AM »
+++from the mem-logs of Tech Adept Agatha Liwet+++
++multiple vid and text logs streaming++
+please wait+

the orbital lander hurtled through the atmosphere of Damios V, the snow whipped into a frenzy from the reckless speed at the descent.
Inside the cockpit the Archeotechnologist Agatha Liwet wrestled the controls, struggling to keep the lander level
"Adept Liwet, may i suggest a decrease in velocity?" the Imperial pilot sat beside her, his hands locked onto the chair in fear
"Nonsense. Your lack of confidence in the Machine Spirit can only be detrimental to our ability." she grunted the lander jerked sideways to avoid the tip of a mountain. "Let her have her excitement. There! you see it?" Liwet pointed toward a rocky outcrop suspiciously flat.
Patting the dashboard affectionately Liwet stood out of the chair, the pilot grabbing for the control stick, eyes wide in horror
"Get the ramp just above the platform and return to The Righteous Indignation and wait for my signal."

Liwet strode toward the rear of the lighter as the ramp whined open, the suddenly influx of wind and snow whipping her cloak around her immobile form.
"Stop here!" she shouted over the deafening blizzard, already running toward the edge of the ramp. With a leap she landed crouched in the thin layer of snow on the platform, optics already compensating for the poor visibility in the snowstorm.
reaching out with her remaining hand she scooped aside some snow to reveal the dark plascrete of the landing platform, feeling the slight heat given off by the wired circuitry.
"This was indeed blessed to withstand adverse weather." She muttered to herself. From here the outline of the blast doors were more visible under the overhang than from the orbital observation equipment.
leaning into the blizzard, Liwet struggled through the snow toward the door.
As she approached it was easy to locate the snowdrift covering the data point; luckily for her most of the era's designs had little variance.
The thin plasteel cover offered little resistance as Liwets bionic hand pried it open enough for her to attach her neural connector, muttering the prayer of connection to herself as her consciousness faded and her mind entered the machine spirit.
As she suspected, the age of the spirit and its decades of loneliness allowed her to access request the door to open with little effort.
pulling back to her body she felt something flickering away as the Spirits woke up; something hidden and regaining its purpose. Putting it down to the aged spirits, Liwet thanked the spirits and carefully closed the access point wincing as the hum and wailing pistons as they began to move for the first time in several lifetimes.

Her hands made the sign of the Eternal Cog in thanks to the aging mechanisms as she followed the whirling snow into the entrance way "you will sing again" she promised the encrusted pneumatic pipework as they staggered the blast doors shut behind her; once she had assessed the reason for this outposts abandonment they would be opened either for restaffing the facility to for the recovery teams to remove them for treatment and redeployment.

Shaking the clinging snow off her robes she left her arms and pistol holster free; Tech Adept Liwet was here and she would be prepared...
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