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+Carthaxian Conclave+ Inquisitor Necris
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++The Start of Play++

The stubber kicked in his left hand as he got his eye in, the target at the far end of the range was shredded with holes from the gun, checking the sight he reloaded and fired again claiming the eyes nose and mouth in the burst of controlled fire, he lay the stubber down flexing his left hand before snatching up a bolt pistol in his right bionic hand he fired three shot bursts which tore the target apart leaving nothing but the mount left in the wake of the three rounds he again checked over the weapon while a fresh target moved into position, he rested it down then snatched it back up firing another three shots which again tore the target apart in thunderous explosions, he turned levelling the gun at the newcomer to the range, a woman stood leaning on the door frame clad in a skin tight blue body glove and a corset of thick leather and steal plates regarded his with a curious look despite half her face being bionic.

“Edward said I’d find you down here, not like you to need target practice.”

He rested the gun down and smiled.

“We all need practice sometime, you should come down here more often Zion.”

She laughed as she walked into the range looking down it at the fresh targets.

“I wanted to speak with you.”

“What about?”

“Sebastian told me to prepare to move, what’s this all about?”

He turned to her and rested on the work surface the guns lay on.

“I’m moving the household to the country estate for a few weeks.”

“The whole household? For what purpose?”

“Inquisition business I don’t want anyone here that doesn’t need to be, I want you to lock down your labs and
workshops and be ready to move with the rest of the house.”

“And if I refuse?”

“Don’t be like this Zion.”

“Come on Jon you know I have important work to see to, work that is in my lab.”

“It will have to wait the Inquisition comes first.”

She frowned striding up the him her right arm shot up and a las round flashed by his head, he barely flinched as it slammed home into the target, he turned round looking at the shot and nodded a good solid body shot,

she looking him square in the eyes.

“You’re up to something.”

“I’m an inquisitor, of course I am.”

They both smiled their lips coming ever so close before he coughed and pulled away.

“I have a lot of things to arrange, I’m locking down parts of the mansion, I don’t want the place open to all and sundry.”

“Who’s coming?”

“It’s best you don’t know.”

He strode off from the range leaving Zion to turn and fire again in frustration.
Four days later the household were moving the last of the essentials into the Samaritan loaders, the heavy multi wheeled transporters were about to make the last hundred kilometre journey to the country estate that had belonged to his family for generations. The last of the staff were also climbing into staff cars the big engine cars could carry six people each as well as two up front, the majority had flown up but the last few were taking several of the staff cars to allow them all to travel around without the need of flyers.

Jon watched the proceedings from the balcony of the first floor flanked by Edward and Sybil, Sybil was his chief of security a former chastiser she was a hard lean woman, proud and reliable, Edward if anything was her opposite, a ganger turned bounty hunter he was tough as Karnac hide with a mean streak that made him suited to the job of witch finder, he was resourceful too which made him virtually indispensable. The pair of them were dressed for their daily duties Sybil wore a simply security uniform of dark green, there was nothing that gave her away as the senior most security officer of the property save her air of authority, Edward likewise wore a simple tunic cut in the military style common on Cadia, he’d never set foot on the world in his life he’d seen Cadian Shock Troopers once and liked the way they looked, he looked out of place in Jon’s mind he was too rough for the mansion lifestyle, it always amused him seeing Edward perform his role which was captain of the witch finders, more often than not he was away from the mansion on the hunt where he truly longed to be.

He turned to them both his face a mask of seriousness.

“Is everything set?”

Edward was the one to speak.

“All arranged the new detail ships in later this evening, Sybil and I will have them looking like a proper security detail by dawn.”

He nodded as he looked back down into the entrance hall.

“What about the operation?”

“Marcus and Yan are busy whipping them into shape.”

“Are you ok with this Sybil?”

“I made my oaths long before I met you sir, what is to occur over the next few days is a means to an end.”

Zion came up the stairs towards them.

“Jon, you’re leaving this estate without security?”

“There will be full Inquisitional Guard acting as security, the conclave will have it no other way, I’m allowed only two personal guards of my own.”

She sighed as she joined them fully she gave Sybil a sideways glance with her bionic eye.

“Aren’t you concerned about certain things that could be uncovered should curious eyes wander?”

“Marius is watching the vault, he knows what to do.”

“I know what he is, but just one man?”

“One will do, I’ve stationed Marcus a short distance away to respond to any situation should it arise.”

“You don’t trust those coming?”

“Outside of my staff I trust no-one, not even Altus or Hanja fully.”

“Is that why you sent Jarred away?”

“I sent him on an errand, I need someone to continue my work while I am engaged on the Conclaves business.”

“What is this all about Jon?”

“Lord Grolin is dead, my brothers and sisters need to make arrangements regarding his successor decide
who to back or oppose.”

“All this for politics?”

“What else could cause this much trouble?”

The four of them laughed as the last of the essentials were removed.

“You best be getting the last car before it leaves you behind.”

“And what if I want to stay?”

“No choice in the matter, those left behind are the ones I need, not the ones I want.”

She smiled and brushed his cheek before slowly descending the stairs and leaving.

“Get the plan into action.”

Both Edward and Sybil replied together.

“Yes Sir.”

He strode off into the quiet mansion, closing his eyes as he walked through the corridors, it seemed like an age since the building had been this still, not since the death of his father had the building been so empty of life, while he’d been it’s master the place was always busy the sound of training, gunfire, general work, everything went on at all hours giving the building a gentle murmur he entered his study and went over to the large desk off to one side, arranged upon it was a collection of weapons, a long slender sword with a set of matching daggers, a collection tools and auspexes, the stubber from the range small and compact perfect as a holdout weapon, and finally an ancient weapon from before the Imperium came to Agrippa, the weapon was priceless that he’d asked his weapons smith to work on it to check the mechanism had enraged the aged man but the honour of handling and repairing such a prized weapon with a long and glorious history had eventually won out
and the gun had been cleaned and repaired, it sat in a mahogany box gleaming as if new, running his fingers over the weapon he paused.

“I almost missed you there Marius.”

“I do still try, sometimes.”

“Is everything ready?”

“As can be I just needed a few things from you before we go ahead.”

He sighed picking up the sword he tossed it across the room at him, Marius stood in a long leather over coat, his hand flashed out catching the weapon deftly.

“Right or left?”


The sword was hung on his right him, Jon watched as he hung it and the turned round picking up the ancient bolt revolver he held for a long while looking at the weapon.

“It’s been almost half a millennium since this weapon was last fired, it saddens me that the pleasure should not
be mine.”

“We could always swap places.”

“That wont do.”

“You could take it down the range.”

“No, no a weapon like this deserves only combat use, treat her well.”

Marius nodded tucking the weapon into a waiting holster on his left hip before pulling a full mask of thick leather over his face followed by a pair of goggles, Jon watched as he finished the look and the asked a question.

“You’re sure you cracked the encryption?”

“Positive, took some digging around in my mind, but Josef managed to break the mind lock, I can read it like any other text now.”

Jon turned tapping a heavy bound book on the main desk in the centre of the room.

“And it’s their informants?”

“All of them.”

“Good, you best leave before anyone sees you, I don’t want this plan botched at the first hurdle.”

He turned again to an empty room, and smiled the game was afoot.

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Re: +Carthaxian Conclave+ Inquisitor Necris
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+The Opening Gambit+

Jon strode down the length of the gathered men and women, Sybil at his side a combat shotgun handing off her shoulder from under a camo cloak. They were rough as could only be expected from gangers, to them this was a cushy job, plenty of pay to sit and guard some rich fop’s mansion. He stopped looking at Edward he stood with them, his neat clothing replaced by a quilted flak vest and worn blue combats, he had strapped to his waist a vicious chain dagger and a bolter in his hands, the men around him were clad in uniforms flak vests protecting them to make them all look more official.

He nodded as they came to attention, Edward had managed to drill some discipline into them during the night drills, rough but ready was his appraisal, Sybil’s was much more scathing she referred to them as the rabble, which in truth they were, they had little experience of the duties they were being expected to perform he allowed himself a half smile as he stepped away from Sybil nodding his approval she barked her orders.

“Fall out get to your posts, and for the Emperors sake stay alert I find any of you rabble dozing on the job you meet the business end of my maul!”

He strode back towards the mansion, dressed some of his very best a silken tunic and finely cut breaches he was the very model of noble fop, he longed to be out of it and into the more familiar military dress, he was a soldier at heart a Commissar by trade and an Inquisitor by calling, the noble lifestyle had never sat well with him, even the mansion had been converted in beyond the frontage to be functional base of operations, beyond the public areas and the building front the estate was more like a military facility, labs, barracks, ranges and training grounds dotted the estate, the house its self was a mix of living quarters for his personal staff, libraries and archives, war rooms and astro-comms, beyond the obvious the place was a fortress. He swept into his private suite the tunic coming off as he went tossed across a chair he quickly change into the Agrippian battle dress he was so fond of, a dark green double breasted tunic and well fitted trousers of a darker colour. He turned as a knock came at his door.


Sebastian his aide entered wearing a red tunic and white trousers, he looked across the room and sighed moving to the discarded clothing he started collecting it up and folding them carefully, he move round the room putting them away.

“You are such a messy master, your father was never this bad.”

“I am not him.”

“No, anyway, Zion is on the vox for you.”

He sighed she’d spoken to him every day since she’d left the small talk was starting to become trying.

“I told her you were otherwise engaged.”

“Thank you.”

“What sort of aide would I be if I couldn’t anticipate my masters’ needs?”

 “How is Captain Coral?”

“Infuriating, I found her trying to get into one of the secure libraries today.” 

“I hope you weren’t too harsh on her.”

“Not when she has that brute of a first mate with her all the bloody time, unlike you I don’t carry my weapons everywhere with me.”

He laughed as he pulled the stubber from his back and rested it on a table.

“Are you sure you want to participate in this?”

“You trusted me with the knowledge, the fact that you need a savant and someone as resourceful as Edward with you,”

“I’ll have Captain Coral.”

“Someone you can trust, Coral is a bought player she’ll turn you in as soon as she sees a profit for herself in it.”

“You dislike her that much?”

“I trust her as much as I trust an ork to sit down and have a civilised meal.”

“A strange picture.”

“Yes well, I actually came to tell you Marius says they’re ready, and Adept Tollin has scheduled the procedure for tonight.”

Jon took a seat behind a small desk, he looked over some papers laying some to one side he looked up.

“Let Zion known I’ll be in touch later tonight, please send this to Marius.”

Sebastian took the offered sheet of paper and looked over it, his eyes widened for a second then he nodded and left Jon to his thoughts, he waited until the door had shut before standing and turning to the small altar within the room, he went to his knees.

“Blessed father, show me if is this the right path?”

He prayed.
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Re: +Carthaxian Conclave+ Inquisitor Necris
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+Purity Through Pain+

As the night had set in he’d changed  again into a simple linen shirt and a pair of light linen trousers both of dark colours and made his way deep into the recesses of his estate, down in the darkened hallways of the true fortress Sybil joined him matching his pace as he made his way to Adept Tollin’s designated room, Tollin was not of his staff and had been brought here in secret he knew nothing of his surrounding only the rooms he’d been given to carry out his work, Sebastian had acted as proxy for much of the negotiation but he’d been forced to meet with the man a few times, he was a worm his skin the sickly parlour of dead flesh his eyes and mouth removed and replaced with bionics, his ears had been trimmed flat to give his head a smooth appearance and his scalp shave so bald it looked like the skin had been flawed from his skull, Jon reviled his already he’d considered ending the man life twice, once when he discovered an automaton crawling round Tollin’s lab the other when he’d attempted to sedate one of his staff for his experiments.

He paused before the threshold rubbing his freshly shaved chin, he’d cut his hair short too not in preparation for the procedure but for a later part of things to come. He looked over his shoulder and Sybil nodded racking the slide of her shotgun she took the offered pistol from Jon and slid it behind her back before they both entered, she was there to make sure Tollin did not try anything stupid he was the weakest link in this whole scheme a veil heretic in Zion’s eyes and Jon agreed with her on this one.

The room in side was prepped for a surgical procedure a cold metal slab awaited the thin ghost like frame of Tollin standing beside it, when he spoke his voice held and eerie echo as if being transmitted over a great distance.

“Ah Mister Enn prompt as usual, if you’d like to remove your shirt and take your place we can begin.”

He did as instructed pulling the shirt from his body exposing the torso littered with scars from battles past his right shoulder bore the very worst, his whole arm from the shoulder joint was missing replaced with a fine brass coloured bionic, well designed and function it granted his strength he would never have dreamed of and built within the arm was a flamer unit a throwback to even further in his past when the real arm had been attached instead of locked away deep in his vault.

“I must admit Mister Enn I am still puzzled to your request.”

Tollin examined the current bionic his elongated fingers playing over the metal of it, Jon was thankful those dead looking hands were not touching his own flesh he doubted he’d be able to restrain himself from throttling Tollin to dead if he had to endure that cold embrace.

“This arm is in perfect condition, a masterful piece not even close to my own work but masterful none the less, why would you want it replaced?”

“It stands as a link to who I truly am, a secret that must be kept.”

“Yes like this place, I must admit your security codes are exceptional I have not been able to unlock a single one.”

“I have a good master of encryption.”

“Quite were it not for the fact that you employed me I would swear you were an Inquisitor.”

“It is good for you that I am not; if I were you’d be dead or worse.”

“Yes, let us not dwell on that shall we, your protection from the Mechanicus is appreciated.”
Tollin looked over the arm more closely.

“As we discussed I need to make some changes to the couplings to accept the new bionic, but the old one will still be compatible it might even respond at the same speed as the one I have built you.”

“From suffering comes hidden gains.”

“I have to sedate you sir, but as discussed you will not be completely under I need you awake for the connected so this will still hurt you, your body will react against the arm being removed as if I were tearing a real limb from your body, but you are used to pain yes your scars tell me you lead a hard life one of danger and suffering.”

“What does not kill me only makes me stronger and my enemies should fear me when I become stronger this time.”

“Oh indeed they will sir.”

Tollin injected him and he relaxed back his vision blurring he saw the shape of the adept moving over him and time and words faded he felt the manipulation of the join of his bionic then a stabbing pain which he gritted his teeth against, the next sensation could only be described as agony it indeed did feel like Tollin was tearing his arm from his body the pain rushed down his spine and up into the base of his skull as the bionic nerve paths raged against the sensation, he roared that much he was away of beyond the pain he knew he was roaring in agony against the procedure something held him firm his vision cleared enough to see it was Tollin the wraith thin worm held him firm to the slab as if he were nothing more than a child having a nightmare, the vision blurred again as the arm finally came away and the pain receded to a dull throb it brought back the memory of the original loss of his arm the bolter shell impacting against his shoulder the explosive crump of the charge as it tore his arm almost clear of his body the pain and agony as Zion repaired his broken body and the months of rehab as he became used to the new limb. Tollin’s face leered into view the bastard was smiling if he veil face would allow him too.

“Now Mister En it is time to give you your new arm, this will sting a little.”

He nodded in understanding this sensation was not new to him, Tollin brought the new arm in line from what he’d seen of it the arm was the closest thing to an organic arm he’d ever laid eyes on the structure was of dark metals and hardened plastics, it was considerably lighter than his old one, and faster on the reaction time, it lacked the strength of the old one but that was acceptable. The first tingling sensations of connection sparked up his nerves bringing him back to the present, the full engagement was sudden painful and sharp, his arm connections burned sending the sensation up to his brain it felt like his mind was exploding painfully and lights flashed in front of his eyes, it was a brief sensation but left a tingling lasting feeling for hours. He slowly came down from the pain and relaxed into the metal slab despite the cold the world slowly folded in around him Tollin’s face loomed into view but that world quickly went dark as fell into unconsciousness as an explosion sounded from above them.

When he came round Sybil was standing at his side he groaned sitting upright, Sybil passed his shirt to him as he moved to get up from the slab and dress himself, Edward was leaning against one of the work surfaces his upper arm bandaged.

“How long?”

“Five hours, Tollin retreated into one of his inner rooms as soon as the attack started.”

He nodded looking down at the new arm flexing the fingers they moved slowly at first then as natural as a real arm, he flexed the arm folding it up and rotating it he smiled as it moved, a voice hissed from behind them and he half turned as Tollin re-entered the room.

“You are pleased with the motions?”

“They are exceptional; I’ve never felt a bionic that was this smooth.”

“I am glad you are pleased, I am also pleased your people are as capable as you assured me, the battle was quite something to watch, but now that our contact is completed I would like to make arrangements with your to travel off world I have other clients waiting my particular services.”

Jon turned pulling on the shirt and fastening it amazed at the dexterity of the fingers and the speed at which the bonds had been made.

“You had the impression I was simply going to let you leave here?”

His arm snapped to one side reaching behind Sybil he pulled out his pistol and levelled it at Tollin, the adept hissed opening his arms long nails extending from them.

“Maybe I should tell you my name Tollin, it’s Necris Inquisitor Necris.”

Tollin faltered in hesitation.


“You’re wondering why an Inquisitor would use one such as you to build him a new arm when he could commission an adept of Mars to do the same job no?.”

Tollin moved rushing forward and he pulled the trigger spinning Tollin from his feet crashing into one of the monitoring units.

“The simple answer is you’re brilliant and oh so very expendable, believe me I’d like nothing more that to hand you over to the Mechanicus, but your skills with bionics made you useful to me, and that use is done with now, I’m sorry but I can’t let you go and spread the rumour of the arm you build there are minds out there that would put two and two together.”

He was standing over him now pistol held firm.

“I must say this is a wonderful arm though, for that I’ll make this clean.”

He fired a single shot, punching though Tollin’s head, the corpse tumbled back and lay still. Jon turned back to Sybil and she nodded.

“Send word to Marius, tell him the next phase can go ahead tonight, have some servitors burn everything in here and dispose of the remains."

He stepped past her leaving the room as she moved to a terminal to summon the servitors.

Jon headed up back into the mansion followed by Edward he made a tour of the grounds checking on the guard details and finally ending up in a observational centre, dismissing the men on duty he sat alone with Edward.

“How is the arm?”


“The wound not too bad I hope.”

“Just a scratch, I’m confused wasn’t this all supposed to happen in a few days when the meeting took place.” 

“No time Red Queen is a priority I will not allow him or his cell to influence the outcome of who steps up to the
Lordship of this sector, I must expose him before that happens.”

“I’ll get everything into place we’ll be ready to leave by dawn.”


“What about Zion?”

“The less she knows the better.”

“Word will have reached the estate by now; you know she’ll be on her way back.”

“That is why time is of the essence.”

“What’s the cover story?”

“We were attacked by Inquisitor Niska, one of our newest conclave brothers, he made off with certain articles entrusted to me for safe keeping, I have set off to recover them and will be unreachable for the foreseeable future.”

“Simple I suppose, what of the other Inquisitors coming?”

“I prepared a communiqué to inform them of the incident, some may still yet turn up but many will arrange
elsewhere to meet.”

Edward nodded as he stood and paced from the room.

“How did they perform?”

“Good, most of them will make fine enforcers or soldiers, some I’ve selected for my staff, others I’ve suggested to Sybil.”

“I’m glad to hear, I’ll see you in a few hours.”

He left Edward in the chamber and headed back towards the mansion, the buildings shell was scarred from the battle one wing was a blackened ruin from where a heavy ordinance blast had blown a hole in the brickwork, he sighed at the damage wrought to his ancestral home speaking quietly to himself.

“The ends justify the mean.”
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Re: +Carthaxian Conclave+ Inquisitor Necris
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+Ties Cut+

As night flooded in smoke still coiled slowly from the estate from the attack only hours before the guards stationed around the estate were on full alert weapons held in tight nervous hands, their first days in the Employ of Jon Necris had seen an attack on his mansion and his fury at the affront, the change from the well dressed fop to the man that stalked the grounds now in a tight suit of armoured leather an a heavy bolt pistol at his hip unnerved them, his anger and viciousness spoke volumes that those who’d dared defile his family home would suffer the Emperors own wrath even as he made preparations to depart and give chase.

Jon himself was tired of the act, to feign anger and rage for so long was draining him, his throat was hoarse and dry from the near constant growling of harsh orders and outbursts that his voice had changed so much that using the voice recognition security systems to get into his private chambers was becoming slowly more impossible, this fact only added true fires to the false rage. He’d made all the necessary arrangements and witnessed Jarred send the communiqué to the conclave. Now his affairs in orders he left his chambers for the last time sealing them behind himself as he left. Descending the main stairwell he entered the main hall of the house pausing to look at the damager wrought, superficial and minor in the most but his eyes lingered on a portrait of his father d dressed in the formal battle armour of the Agrippian Twenty Seventh, his battalion behind him stood three children and a woman, his mother and along with himself his two brothers, a line of bullet holes punctured the picture a round punching through the chests of each figure save his own, it spoke to him and his felt a great regret weighing upon his shoulders, one older than he would have liked to admit, his father had always wanted him to follow in his footsteps become a commander of armies and a great leader it was tradition that the nobility would lead the armies of Agrippa and his life had been tailored to follow that rule, in defiance he’s joined the commissarant  much to his fathers fury, they’d not spoken for years not until his father lay dying from a battle wound received while fighting against the dark elder, only then did they reconcile, only when it was too late for his father to show any pride in his son. His eyes snapped from the portrait to the entrance and the heavy oak doors hanging from broken hinges, one of the new guards stood nervously at the doorway.

“What is it?”

The man jumped almost dropping his gun at the harsh growl echoing from him.

“Sorry my lord, but there is a woman attempting to gain access to the estate, she has the proper access codes but Mister Drake told us not to allow anyone in.”

He sighed heavily his shoulders visibly slumping.

“It’s alright let her in you wouldn’t be able to stop her anyway.” 

The guard nodded and voxed to the gate, a few moments later a powerful staff car ground to a halt outside and she can bursting into the hall.

“Jon! What in the name of all that is holy happened here?”

He looked up at Zion as she moved across the hall towards him, following her in was Argent her apprentice in his hands he held a Skitari hellgun his eyes sweeping across the entrance hall, the guard stepped back from the former militant of the mechanicus as he turned his eyes upon him.

“Who are these people, they are not part of your operation.”

He turned to her as she stood a short distance away looking tentative.

“They are contracted guards, Edward arranged it.”


“Look it’s complicated I was attacked, things were stolen I have to get them back, that’s all I can tell you Zion.”
He turned to go but she reached out gripping his new bionic, her hand recoiled as if stung and she looked at his in shock.

“What have you done Jon?”

He strode away from her, gaining a few paces before she caught him up.

“People don’t just attack you Jon, You’re a dammed In....”

“Enough Zion! Dammed your mind always searching for answers, especially to the questions I can’t answer.”

He stepped into a lift that would take him to the lower levels frowning as she forced herself in with him, as the door slid shut and they started moving she hissed at him.

“What the hell is that thing on you arm.”

He knew she’d be hurt, she’d built the original, built it to save his life and now he had replaced it with something utterly different.

“A necessary evil.”

“Where did you get it from?”

“I’ve had Tollin working on it for months.”

“Tollin, that heretic! You let that monster put that on you, are you mad!”

“Maybe, but it was necessary.”

“Oh the bloody mandate of the bloody Inquisition, necessity, you make me sick!”

“I did not want you involved Zion, you are to closely linked to me.”

“Involved in what?”

“What I must do.”

“You’re going after Red Queen aren’t you?”


The lift came to a halt and the door opened, Zion turned silenced by the admission that had just come from Jon’s lips, she looked at the hangar before her, an Aquila Lander sat waiting, it’s hull black as midnight the engines cycling on idle, Sybile moved from the hold carrying equipment as Sebastian made the last check to the inventory, Vargus sat off to one side sharpening his long crude Iklwa, Jarred stood off to another side talking with Marius and Edward and a woman she did not recognise.

“You’re leaving now?”

“Yes, Jarred is taking over all operations for the time being.”

The woman detached herself from the conversation striding over to them she bowed low.

“Inquisitor Niska, my ship sits in high orbit awaiting your arrival.”

“Thank you Captain Coral, I trust you had not problems with the port authorities?”

“No I told them I was experiencing a plasma drive leak and would need to vent some excess fuel, it will cover our arrival nicely.”

He nodded as she looked over Zion.

“You said nothing about a Mechanicus.”

“Mistress Cogg is not coming with us; she has other pressing matters to attend too.”

Coral nodded and turned from them Zion turned to look at him.


“A new identity was needed.”

“So you used the name of one of the most vicious Cardinals in the this sector, a Cardinal you burned alive I might add.”

“Treason and corruption have their price, besides the name has a fitting menace to it.”

“People know you Jon.”

He dipped his hand into the long brown storm coat he was wearing pulling out a cowl he held it in his hand.

“Altus taught me well to hide the truth and work from the shadows; that is why I cannot have you involved.”

“You know he is more than likely involved in all this.”

“Of course I do, he is after all a Sciarius Inquisitor.”

He pulled the cowl on tucking it into his clothing then fitted a pair of lenses over his eyes. She looked him up and down her face set in displeasure.

“I can’t support you in this, this is madness you know that.”

“What choice do I have? Red Queen continues to threaten this sector I cannot allow that.”

“What are you going to do?”

He tapped the dossier in his pocket.

“Eliminate their chain of information, that way they’ll have to come for me.”

“You know they’ll kill you if they get the chance.”

“That’s where they’ll make their mistake.”

He embraced her in a hug stepping back

“Be safe Zion, I wish I could tell you more, but time is against us.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be here when, no if you come back Jon, you’ve crossed a line I don’t think I can follow you over.”

“Then may the Emperor watch and protect you.”

“I think he’ll have he’ll be to busy protecting you.”

He turned and strode away leaving her to watch as the last items were loaded, Jarred and Edward stepped from the lander moving towards her as Edward came within arms reach she slapped him hard enough to twist him from his feet.

“You knew you bastard, you knew what he was planning and you didn’t tell me, after everything that happened on Hastor you still kept secrets from me!”

Edward roared and answer back but it was swallowed by the growl of the thrust engines of the Lander, she turned tearing his arm from Jarred as he reached out too her and stepped into the lift keeping her back to the black lander as it left and the doors slid shut behind her. Inside the Aquila Jon sighed and pulled the cowl from his head, Sebastian leant across to him offering him a drink, he waved his hand dismissing it.

“She’ll understand, sooner or later she’ll understand.”

“No Seb I don’t think she will.”

He looked down the length of the lander at his new warband taking a deep breath he nodded and Coral signalled the pilot to take them away from his family home.

“As of now that life is over, there is only the now and the current quest, all ties have been severed.”
This here is my very favourite gun...I call her rita.

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