Author Topic: Kabal of the Wicked Fate  (Read 1841 times)

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Kabal of the Wicked Fate
« on: March 05, 2010, 03:13:43 PM »
This idea started off as a concept for a 40K Dark Eldar army (lord help me if I pick 40K up again...).  Basically I've found that since returning to the hobby after years (notably towards the end of college and the first few years of "real" life) that my patience and ability to actually follow through on projects has increased 10 fold and that a themed army might be possible.

Bear with me, this will get to Inquisitor soon.

Anyway, the concept was to utilize the daemon plastics with the DE plastics to create a sort of warped DE army that has begun selling itself off.  The idea is that the Kabal tried to sell out the rest of their dark brethren in a pact with the chaos powers but they were discovered and all but a few were slaughtered.  Those survivors are banished eternally from Commorough and generally far more shunned than any other Eldar sect as they are seen as the worst sort of traitors to the species.

In terms of Inq, they will closely resemble vampires (which is the idea that appealed to me on the =][= level).  They will be a more warped version of regular eldar as their souls (and bodies) gradually change until they are pulled whole-sale into the warp to be consumes by she-who-thirsts. 

They would make great stand alone characters (since being banished from Commorough it makes sense that many would go it alone or that they would turn on each other as individuals) and thus fit right into the Inq gaming universe.  They could also be seen as alien threats (since they are aliens), heretical threats (if they start a cult), and daemonic threats (since they will most definitely resemble daemons) and thus fit into any game.

My real problem here is background wise I don't really know how this works.  I know that the DE aren't given the fullest explanation and that works as a strength as the concept I'm presenting is very vague.  However, there may be "rules" I'm ignoring here.  After all, if their souls already belong to one chaos god then what do they really have to bargain with? 

My explanation would be that they are on an accelerated path of physical transformation/degeneration (in addition to the degeneration of their soul) due to their failure to follow through on the original pact but that they can still elongate their lives by feeding on the souls of other. I don't know if this explanation flies, regardless, tell me what you think.  If nothing else, you have to admit that having 40K DE models running around with daemonette heads would be pretty kick a**.

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Re: Kabal of the Wicked Fate
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2010, 07:57:47 PM »
Well, something that a group like that (which might exist - the Dark Eldar may well look to anything for power, and aren't exactly keen on helping their fellows - they could have cut a deal with an Unaligned Daemon Prince [or something that appeared to be so] for a share in the spoils from an attack on another Kabal?) would have lots of would be Mandrakes...

Ok, so the actual contribution of that sentence was in the parenthesis...
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