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Encounter report.
« on: March 22, 2010, 05:41:11 PM »
I had a few friends over to play a game. This is how it went.

Inquisitor Ruthe, Inquisitor 'Otto' and senior acolyte Englen all want to influence the result of the political upheaval on Arg'oss. In order to gain favour over their opponents they have all responded to recent intel that Mustaf the rebel leader has surfaced, and moved on his location before even the local enforcers could gather a sweeper team.

Englen arrived on scene first, he climbed onto a bulkhead. From there he used his biomancy to augment his vision and so could see through the gloom, a goon with a large gun on the roof of a wear house ahead. Using biomancy again he focused the power in his legs, He sprinted across the bulkhead, leaped to the next, and from there to the warehouse. A hasty warp power relaxed the tongue of the goon, before his augmented leg kicked into his chest.
His aide, 'Dick' Wu, Advanced down between the bulkheads, awkwardly hiding his rifle and swaying as if drunk. A goon rounded the bulkhead ahead, spectacularly failed his Sg test and yelled at the drunk to get lost, before turning his back. Dick dropped his long las and drew his short sword. But the goon passed his I check as well as he failed the Sg, and turned, getting a knife in the arm, rather than the neck.

Otto arrived sending his techno ninja, code name 'Drudge' around the right of the bulkheads and waiting in cover for him to get into position.

Lord Ruthe meanwhile arrived. He made his way to a hole in the bulkhead. Ordering the mercenary Dent to provide covering fire, but not to fire on anyone unless the provoked it. As Ruthe ducked into the bulkhead Dent leaned around the edge, letting rip on full auto with his lasgun down between the two bulkheads. Shots tore into the bulkheads, the floor and the wear house at the end of the two of them. One of the shots crashed into Dicks back, but he was entirely unfazed (yet another extreme roll, 002 in this case) darting aside he snatched up his long las and jumped for the bulkhead, not flinching as bullets whizzed past from behind him, as well as the las bolts from ahead, one of which dropped the goon that Dick had knifed. Lord Ruthe planted a breaching charge on the inside of the bulkhead wall and moved to the far end.

Drudge saw goons and saw red. charging from behind he swiftly ended the first two, Neither would survive having a chainsword embedded in their skull.
Englen finished the guy on the rooftop with by inducing internal lung bleeding. The guy would choke to death only if he didn't bleed out first.
The bulkhead wall blew out, despite being close, Dick still kept his nerve, even when Otto levetated a pair of the blocks of rubbel and, to Dicks eyes, they threw themselves at him, both missing by inches (in fact rolles of 41 and 42 when 40 was needed to hit). Vaulting onto the other bulkhead Dick aimed toward the gunman who shot him. Dent saw, and ducked out of sight.
Lorde Ruthe emerged from the bulkhead behind the remaining goons. One was engaging the ninja, the other down, stabbed and shot. Finishing the downed enemy, he moved to the ware house, as three more appeared (reusing NPC's, me?) He blinded them with a smoke grenade, and charged. He swiftly dispatched them, his powersword and knife technique overwhelming their thuggish ability. Seeing a figure fleeing out the other end of the building he set off in pursuit.

With his target in cover Dick looked around for other targets. He was lucky enough to spot and recognise the target emerging from the ware house, then unlucky enough to be charged by a berserk ninja. He rolled onto his back, protecting himself with his long las, the chainsword tearing into it but not cutting through. He was saved by accurate fire from the wear house, Englen hit the ninja in the back of the helmet, knocking him out. A second hit passed through the Ninjas leg and embedded in Dick's chest plate. Dick got up and pointed towards Mustaf, and Englen jumped back to the bulkhead, ran along it, and found himself running parallel to Lord Ruthe. Snatching the hat from Ruthes head, he leaped at Mustaf, jamming it over his eyes and sending them both tumbling past Otto who had also seen Mustaf and moved to intercept.

Otto wanted to bring him in dead. A simple stab to the chest and the psychic force he pushed through his force sword  rendered him unconscious, but Englen deflected the decapitating swing, unfortunately into his own chest, though he survived the blow, he was rendered unconscious. Dick drew his pistol, leaped from the bulkhead and fired while flying through the air. He missed obviously, and landed badly. Dent also saw the robed, hooded guy hacking at downed  men. His master advancing on him. Dent aimed and fired hitting Otto three times in the back and taking him out of action.

Recognising a lost cause, Dick got up. Covering Ruthe with his pistol he spoke slowly.
"Okay, you win. Take your prize and go."

So Dent carried Mustaf off and Dick Wu helped Englen. Otto came around some time later. His ninja was dead. He'd need to find some new help before he could take Mustaf back.
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Re: Encounter report.
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2010, 02:23:40 PM »
Pictures would have helped (I kept getting confused who was with who), but that sounds like an incredibly fun battle report.  Lots of action and powers being used in inventive ways.