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Troll slayer

Started by Haegar, March 23, 2010, 07:19:34 PM

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Thought i'd put up pics of my 54mm Troll slayer


Oooh, nice. Where is it from (I'm not up on my 54mm Fantasy sources).

I am TERRIFIED by the blue eyes of that dog...
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It's the GW staff Christmas gift from about 2004.  Do you have the troll that goes with him?

It's a nice paint job - the face and beard especially.
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awesome work! i like the skin very much.

but why is he running away from that cute puppy?

Edit: i`m scared of the eyes of that dog too! i would run also...


Well, fighting cute puppies is presumably dishonourable.

Nicely painted and looking cool.
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Yeah it's the staff christmas gift unfortunately dont have the troll i bought the troll slayer seperately off e-bay wish i did have the troll however now he would be perfect for Witch Hunter.

The cute puppy is actually his fierce hound who can single handedly take on hordes of Orcs lol.


Nice job. Skin is excellent.

My version here. Also, for those wondering what it looks like, my troll (unpainted) can be seen here.


Both excellent paint jobs - puppy and amorphous blob aside - do Troll Slayers have moobs?
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Nice paint job. I've always loved trollslayers, especially after reading Gotrek & Felix. Just a suggestion, but I reckon he'd look good with some tattoos. 
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