Author Topic: Odanodan's Personal Log of the Events prior to the Election  (Read 2685 times)

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Odanodan's Personal Log of the Events prior to the Election
« on: April 26, 2010, 06:17:32 PM »
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Personal Log…
Inquisitor Odanodan entry one… Pictures sourced from various vidcorders…
[Game 2]
Whilst tracking Inquisitor Jericho Mallear, whom I suspect is using ‘Bones’ Bruul and may have ties with the disappearance of Acolyte Tesla Greet.
{Personal ‘corded image I}

I discovered a location that was possibly providing weapons to the local heretical scum. To my horror, it also appeared to be an Inquisitorial weapons cache. I took the executive decision to shut the place down and kill any of the traitors using the place. 
I took Magos Tekeshi and Zálinni with me. The Magos as he would have particular skills necessary for breaking locks and Zálinni’s murderous nature might, and did, proved to be useful.
Upon arriving I sent Tekeshi to a near by hab building across the main tanker road, and ordered Zálinni to follow me.
{Image from security pict skull drone}

With Tekeshi across the main road, I moved to open a hab door to find it locked and useless. A large tanker thundered past blocking Tekeshi from my sight.
{Image from security pict skull drone}

As I approached the next hab building on my side of the road, a loud blast echoed over the hubbub of the slum area. I later found out that Tekeshi had activated a rigged combat shotgun as he opened the door to the weapons cache. I sent Zálinni to discover what had gone off.
{Image from security pict skull drone}

A second blast ringed out, this time Tekeshi had avoided the trap. However, as he inspecting the area a xeno scum Kroot appeared around the corner. Whoever had let this Emperor forbidden creature onto the planet needs rounding up and shooting, an exercise for an other day I think.
{Image from security pict skull drone}

Tekeshi raced over to attack the Kroot Merc, the heroic Magos was knocked down by a vicious attack by the beast’s gun axe. The xeno’s hound creature also attacked the Magos whilst he was down. I think only the amount of metal within his body saved the man, for I have hear from those in the Ordo Xenos that Kroot eat the slain. 
{Image from security pict skull drone}

As I had sent Zálinni to discover what was going off with the Magos, he saw as the tanker moved passed him the Kroot and with typical style shot at it. The shotgun slug tore into its leg, felling the creature. At the same time I continued to search the building I was next to, moving up to the first floor.
{Image from security pict skull drone}

Seeing the hound for myself over the top of the tanker that was travelling down the road, I jumped on to it planning to take this beast down for Zálinni’s sight had been blocked.
{Image from security pict skull drone}

While I was on the tanker cab roof, a large blast of blue (I suspect plasma energy) impacted upon the fuel container on the back. I was throw about, but managed to maintain a strong grip with my bionic hand. Rapidly standing up and jumping off onto the opposing hab, saved me from further harm as the tanker crashed into the building. I suspect that it was some form of xenos creature that shot at the tanker from the skull drone images, which I seized from the Arbities. During the time that this was occurring the Kroot hound creature charged at Zálinni, with such speed that he could not swap weapons. The beast tore into his chest knocking him down, but Zálinni is a tough bastard and will need more than that to keep him down.
{Image from security pict skull drone}

I ran along the balcony level then leaped off to the ground, all the time shooting at the hound causing to run away.
{Image from security pict skull drone}

With my enemies defeated, I moved to inspect Tekeshi’s discovery. The arbities soon arrived, causing much fuss. As soon as I displayed my title, they backed off rapidly. I suspect in the confusion the xenos hound creature escaped. The kroot was taken into custody, but Witch-hunter Lok removed the creature from the execution block. (I must confront him about this, most likely with a gun and a squad of storm troopers, xenos are to die not to be studied!)
I shut down the weapons cache, with possible links to Tesla Greet appearing. I do not suspect her to be a heretic. She may have been captured by Mallear to use as leverage for the up coming election, I must investigate further.   I met a useful contact as I rounded off this investigation, Adept Nihiuus, an adept in the administratium.
{Personal ‘corded image II}

I seized the recorded video from the arbities, as whoever was using the weapons cache most likely has access to the images. I do not wish for my investigation to turn to nothing just yet. When I discover who it was, they will face my full might and burn for the heretics they are.

Inquisitor Odanodan entry two… Pictures sourced from various vidcorders…
[Game 3]
I was tracking a person that had a data slate with useful and high priority information on. I suspected it contained housing locations and details upon several inquisitorial allies of mine. It was rumoured to be going to sale on the black market. I needed to prevent any such thing. In fact, I also wished to be privy to the information it contained.

I planned to ambush the underhive runner, so sent Tekeshi and Eleazar around by a few blocks (Zálinni would have joined us but the damage to his chest was still too much).
{Security camera image I and II}

As I approached the ambush site, a man in power armour appeared in my view. I challenged him to his reasoning for being here, displaying my rank. With little trust, I also drew my shock hammer in case this figure tried to do anything rash.
{Security camera image III}

It was in fact I that did something rash, as the man raised his sword I swung and missed. I received a power sword blow to the head, knocked me unconscious.
{Security camera image IV}

The rest of the report is a transcribed copy of Eleazar’s statement and Tekeshi’s report.
Eleazar’s Statement, transcribed by Servitor Alpha 23 IV:
‘I saw master and a man is big ass armour. They were shouting. I went to help master. He was hit and fell down.
{Security camera image V}

‘I moved forward but this man in a suit rushed forward and shot at me. Lucky me he only hit my leg. He shot again but missed.’
{Security camera image VI}

‘I was now angry. So I lashed out like master has taught me. I struggled and felt weak. So I stabbed at him with my spear. It didn’t hit cause he jumped out of the way. The man in armour who had hurt master attacked me. He wasn’t very good. I blasted at them again. It had no affect. I was a bit confused, everyone is scared of me when I blast. I stabbed at the man in the armour. I stabbed him low. He fell over. I think it’s funny.’   
{Security camera image VII}

‘I managed to break away from the man in the suit. He was careful of me. He moved away when Teky came back. We grabbed master and ran away. I still find it funny that the man in the armour fell over.’
{Security camera image VIII}

Tekeshi’s report:
Upon seeing the runner I preceded to chase after him, least he escaped. I left Eleazar, whose emotional bond with Odanodan is strong (Note for Odanodan: Would you like me to remove this emotional centre? Please let me know) to fight with the aggressors. I eventually caught the runner, seeing he would not give me the data slate I attacked him. Odanodan had sanctioned any methods required to gain the data slate.
The runner fell, I took the data slate in a claw and was about to return to Eleazar when a armed man turned the corner aiming a rifle at me. With a boost I attacked him, as I did not recognise him as one of Odanodan’s allies. Beating the rifle out of his hands I ran the bone saw attachment though him. Like the runner, he fell.
{Security camera image IX}

I returned to find Eleazar had survived and was winning a close quarter fight. We quickly resolved the fight and recovered Odanodan.

The contacts that I gained from Tekeshi’s successful capturing of the data slate are: Father Noriega, Inqusitior Borgia, Inquisitor Malory III, Titus Jarr and Lieutenant Lek.
{Personal ‘corded image II}

I have sent several servants to discover what Inqusitior Borgia is up to, she could prove to be a useful ally.

Inquisitor Odanodan entry three… Pictures sourced from various vidcorders…
[Game 1]
With the skies being a no fly zone and ground transport backlogged by several hours because of the upcoming elections, I decided to walk to the Grand Cathedral to cast my vote.
At about four kilometres away from the main gates, a pair of mutants approached us (the Magos and I). I was highly suspect to start with, tempted to shoot them were they stood, however Tekeshi convinced me that they could be useful guides through the city habs. At least they appeared penitent for their sins.
When we got within two kilometres of the main gates, one of the strangest sights occurred. Standing in the middle of these hab buildings stood an Ultramarine in full regalia. Carefully I approached, with a hand subtlety upon my shock hammer. Once I had gained his attention, I introduced myself using my holo seal. Questions and answers passed between us. We reached agreement to accompany each other to the Cathedral. I discovered that he was Brother-Herald Claudius.
Personally it could be useful to have a high ranking space marine on one’s side. As usual, I carefully and tactfully avoided any questions upon my calling (luckily neither experiment was with me). I might find, at a later date, some jobs for my new ally in the Ultramarines.
The contacts that were planning to meet the Ultramarine arrived.
{Captured image from camera II}

Yet after giving them my rank and details, they were still not satisfied. One, a man in dark red robes and a wide brimmed hat, charged me with his paired chainswords. Catching me off guard, I was knocked down. In retaliation, the Ultramarine battered the weapons out of his hands.
{Image captured from camera II}

The contacts fled, leaving Tekeshi and Brother-Herald Claudius to attend to me, something I felt most undignified about.
Within a few minutes I had recovered and we continued to proceed towards the Cathedral. The mutant scum had fled, a shame really for once they had got me to the gates I was hoping to speed their meeting with the Emperor up considerably. 

Inquisitor Odanodan entry four… Pictures sourced from various vidcorders…
[Voting Game]
I will enter information soon. I have a pressing engagement with Inqusitior Kasthan to attend.

Logging out…
Goodbye Inquisitor Odanodan…

[I reordered the game order as it worked as a better narrative, also it is only from Odanodan's pov and his associates. Hope you enjoyed.]