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Hello from Kavey
« on: April 26, 2010, 04:27:07 PM »
Hi everyone!

I'm new to The Conclave, not new to Inquisitor. I met quite a few of you at the Spring Conclave, my real name is Dave (yes another David). I was using Inquisitor Prometheus, whom you may remember for causing Inquisitor Necris' fall from a 4 storey city block.

I'm currently studying Physics at the University of Leicester, so during term time I'm around Leicester, though unfortunately I have less time for gaming that I would like. If anyone is interested in a game some time then let me know! Out of term time I'm generally in Essex, where my closest Games Workshops are Chelmsford and Lakeside.

I've been playing Inquisitor with RobSkib for a good few years now, I currently have 8 of my own models which I intend to post in the modelling section. The crazy, chainsword weilding fellow in my avatar is Blade, my retinue's resident 'assassin'.

Outside of Inquisitor I collect Orks in 40k and Dark Elves in fantasy, however through a general lack of gaming buddies I'm currently painting and selling off parts of both armies.

It's good to be here, see you all around!
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