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Grudge Match Contestant #3
« on: May 23, 2010, 12:03:30 AM »
So its my turn...... Let me tell you about myself.

My name is Horus Brekan.  iwas once an Inquisitor, but the fools chose to strip me of that quaint title. They call it Excommunicte Tratorus I believe. The fools. They think I have fallen from grace, but they are wrong. I have found grace in the arms of my new masters. The gods of Chaos. I served the corpse emperor for over 120 years. In that time I destroyed many threats. Then I found new ways to fight. I harnessed chaos for my purpose. But others thought this was wrong. So they hunter me down, but I survived. I am now a champion of the gods. I have an army of mutant and cultists that numbers over 500. Allow me to introduce you to my colligues.

General Wurva is a mutant and the commander of my forces. He is hidious to look at, but is a marvelious leader and a deadly warrior.

Mavan is one of my most devoute cultists. I chose him to serve as one of my champions due to his desire to kill in my name.  He is only 30, but is a terror on the battlefield and especially in the dark alleys of the universe.

The Prophet Joanah is the spirital leader of my minions. he has been gifted with great psychic powers. He may be peuny of stature, but he is mighty of the mind.

Finally, my pet daemon-host Ponti'hastas is my link to the dark gods of chaos.

Inquisitor Horus Brekan

Brekan is Right Handed

Equipment: Daemon Flail Galeníike; Master Crafted Laspistol; Flak Armour on all locations except the head;

Special Abilities: Force of Will; Leader; Word of the Emperor- Curse of Undoing

Psychic Abilities: Enfeeble; Warp Strength

                WS     BS     S     T     I     Wp     Sg     Nv     Ld   
Brekan     62      60    54   52   73     84      71      84      74

Daemon Flail Galeníike: This sword contains a Plague Bearer of Nurgle. Galeníike counts as a sword with the Corrupter and Enfeeble daemonic abilities.

Cultist Mavan

Mavan is Right Handed

Equipment: Autogun w/ reload; Exterminator, Short Sword; Heavy Robes (AV 2)

Special Abilities: Dodge; Quickload

                WS     BS     S     T     I     Wp     Sg     Nv     Ld   
Mavan     48       59    52   58   61     61      33     52       42

General Wurva

Wurva is Right Handed

Equipment: Axe; Naval Pistol; Shotgun w/ 4x Scatter Rounds; Flak Armour on chest and abdomen; 

Special Abilities: Atrophied Leg; Cyclopean; Heroic

                WS     BS     S     T     I     Wp     Sg     Nv     Ld   
Wurva     51       41    67   62   54     53      47      71      61

Joanah the Prophet

Joanah is Right Handed

Equipment: N/A

Special Abilities: Leader

Psychic Abilities: Enforce Will; Puppet Master; Psychic Shriek; Telepathy

                WS     BS     S     T     I     Wp     Sg     Nv     Ld   
Joanah     32      45     33   38   43    77      54      64      50

Daemonhost Pontiíhastas

Pontiíhastas is ambidextrous

Equipment: None

Special Abilities: Ambidextrous; Daemonic: Invulnerable; Fearsome; Possessed; Vampirism; Void Chill

Psychic Powers: Fireball; Firestorm; Mind Scan; Telepathy; Warp Strength;

                         WS    BS     S       T       I      Wp    Sg     Nv    Ld     Speed                                                           
Pontiíhastas     56     53     52     55     57     92    101     96     29         4

Pontiíhastas Attacks: Gorusí close combat attacks have the Deflection, Gnawing; and Magic Absorption.

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Re: Grudge Match Contestant #3
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2010, 12:37:44 AM »
Ok. I'll be the bigger man and comment on those whom I'm about to destroy. Though I hate to admit it, it's a pretty good warband.

1) You Mutant General is actually pretty cool.  I like the ragtag nature mixed with militaryish style.
2) You Rogue Psycher is nice and I liked the model.
3) Not a fan of the rest though.
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Re: Grudge Match Contestant #3
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2010, 07:13:49 PM »
Blimey! Three new people, three new posts, six characters each, that's.... er.. more than I can count! Characters all seem sound, their statlines aren't mad and neither is the equipment, the only thing that's lacking is the character itself - none of your models have any real personality, backstory or agenda.

Also, I want to see pictures of models!
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