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+++ Purecode Violation +++
« on: July 31, 2009, 11:06:19 PM »
+++ Scrapshunt detected +++

+++ Mecha-filtering in progress +++

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Re: I got this n in my email4
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2009, 12:00:49 AM »
Jaque Thay sighed as he read the message. For weeks the Inquisitorial channels had been down, and when at last they resumed service and his minions had cracked the access codes, the last thing he had expected was that the very first message to circulate would be nonsense.

Dismayed that even in the 41st millennium mankind had yet to find a solution to unsolicited messages, Thay returned to the contemplative scheming that had absorbed his time for the past several years.

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Re: I got this n in my email4
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+++transmission intercepted+++
Hail brother.
I have been uttering the sacred chants while i interface with Machine Spirits whom speak in a tongue unknown to me.

It has been an arduous undertaking, but soon enough The Conclave shall live again. I am deciphering many strange templates and technology in an effort to provide better defenses against these daemon-spawned incursions.

may He watch over you

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Re: I got this n in my email4
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Haast sighed to himself after months in isolation he finally had an opportunity to catch up with the Inquisitorial channels, only to find  them filled with the rantings of scum. Bad memories of the loss of a significant amount or credits to a supposedly deposed tau ethereal offering a large amount of xenos tech as long as he paid for the shipment. He never heard from him again after he sent the required credits. Haast closed his data slate and returned to more urgent business.

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Re: I got this in my email
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In light of current events, I present the motion to bring the perpetrators of this heretical misuse of official Inquisitorial data channels for messages of unofficial nature to justice, and to be made an example of.
This proves a gross waste of valuable Inquisition resources and cogitator running time, and costs Him in excess of 100 billion Thrones per annum (estimated).

Not only this, but I suspect the use of heretical (if basic) artificial intelligences in the purveyance of this gross squandering of the already scarce time of the members of our blessed order.

I personally have viewed messages of an almost identical nature to this particular example on in excess of one dozen occasions, and it is my opinion that this travesty has persisted long enough.

If sufficient example were made of this particular individual - or indeed, whomever ordered the intelligence I suspect to be behind the actual transmission of this message - such should prove dissuasive to any other persons who would commit the same acts, thus offering us significant recouping of our precious resources as word spreads.

I am willing to either participate in or lead any such operation, if support for such actions is presented in response to this message.

As always, His Humble Servant.

Marco Robert Skoll

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Re: I got this n in my email4
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