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Rewards Of The Enemy OOC


Heroka Vendile:
Rewards Of The Enemy, a tale of the Inquisition in the Andario Sector.

First two posts are same as on the previous Conclave, more to come in future. Thoughts/comments/criticisms?

Heroka Vendile:
Deary me, could this actually be progress of some sort?  :P

Even more astounding - the next post should be up by the weekend as well!

Loved it.  I look forward to the next installment.   :)

Heroka Vendile:
Ha! So much for the weekend, about three weeks later than planned, but here we are with the next part of the story. Most of the delay was tweaking the second half and lots of uni work happening.

Damn it, had to make a small edit towards the end of the first section of the latest post, it would seem I never typed the end of a sentence, but that's been fixed now "his horror that her life might also be in danger." having been the absconding words.


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