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  To begin with, i'll admit, i'm not a veteran player, just got to know the rules and a few games, but I <3 the game already. I got the idea when playing a local Chinese game, which involved four subjects either killing off or protecting the lord of a nation, the twist is that the lord has no idea who is on his side, and in all honesty, it's pretty difficult to find the spy (see below). The campaign itself came from the Hivequake and Crone World expansions, which i'm sure someone has already covered in the rules section.
  The only problem i'm facing right now is, well, there aren't ANY Inquisitors yet to the campaign, so i'm considering a few options, such as having the GM control the Inquisitor to sniff out the traitors, since for a game called Inquisitor, the whole "finding the enemy" business doesn't seem to shine as much as it should, and is generally dictated by the GM. But then wouldn't there be Inquisitors who'd like for the hive to erupt into war? So, my question to you all is, what do you think?

  Campaign: Traitor (5+ Players & GM)
   In a single maneuver, the entire upper echelons of the hive Valis II was destroyed. In a unmistakable joint extermination nearly every single one of the high-ranking officials were killed in a single night. However, a handful survived, and with whatever resources they could gather proceeded to reconstruct the planet.
   However, within these handful of survivors, only few remain loyal to the God-Emperor, the remaining have deemed it a great opportunity to overthrow the rule of Terra, and create the world for themselves.

   At the beginning of each game, the nominated GM will, randomly determine the player who is the Lord, the remaining players will be notified discreetly, of the identity of which they are representative of.
   The identities available are as follows:
         The player is the lord and as such has to, at all costs, find the traitors and exterminate them, should the Lord die at any point in the game, the traitors win. There are only ever one Lord.
      Loyal One
         The player is the only one remaining loyal to his highness, and as such, must prevent the death of the Lord and exterminate the traitors. If the Lord is alive at the end of the game, regardless of whether or not the Loyal One is still alive, both win.
         The player is the traitor, he wins by killing the Lord and creating an upheaval in the system. There are two traitors for a standard five player game, any games larger than five players has increasing amounts of traitors.
         The player is a spy from a Crone World, he wins when everyone else is dead. There is only ever one spy.

   Each player controls, apart from the official he is representative of, a band of warriors who is loyal to his masters' cause, the approximate stats, equipment, skills, etc are to be determined by the GM, accounting for the power level of the playing group, all information concerning stats, equipment, skills etc are to be withheld by the owning player and the GM, as should the number of remaining members of a warband in their sector, however, once contact has been made with another warband, the information of the characters involved are divulged to each player (see below). Note that due to the scenario environment being a hive, xenos and mutants will undoubtedly be held in disdain by many. If the Lord kills the Loyal One, he loses all followers, if anyone kills any one traitor, he immediately gains one follower. At the beginning of the game, the Lord, receives five "Points", while all other characters receive four "Points". At the beginning of each turn, the player to act gains two "Points" (see below).
           [Player 1]
                              [Player 2]
[Lord]   [ Centre ]
                              [Player 3]
           [Player 4]
   As seen above, there are five sectors in total, surrounding a sixth, which is a field common to all. Starting with the Lord, counter-clockwise, each player takes their turn.
   In each player's turn, each character may do as many of the following actions as equals his speed:
      I. Move a character of their warband from one sector to an adjutant one.
         i. If the character moves into a sector owned by another player, the opposing player is immediately conscious of the character.
         ii. If a character moves into a sector containing models of other player(s), either player may start a normal Inquisitor game immediately, with each side controlling whatever models they have in the sector. Note that it is perfectly possible for a player to allow another player to pass through his sector unchecked.
         a. In any scenario, characters are deployed within 2D10 yards from each other as close to the centre of the board as possible
         b. A character may escape the scenario through any one of the table edges, if this is done, the character immediately enters the central sector and no other actions may be taken that turn.
         c. A character who is rendered unconscious may be taken by an opposing character off a table edge, in such a case, the opposing player immediately gains understanding of the stats, equipment and skills of all characters of the player of the unconscious character.
         d. If there is no one to defend the sector, then the sector counts as being owned by the invading player as long as one of his characters are on the sector.
         e. The central sector is only for trade and no games may be played for it.
         f. A representative character who enters the central sector may attempt to barter for new equipment, or gain followers. As a general rule, common equipment costs 1 point, rare equipment costs 3 points, exotic equipment costs 6 points and legendary equipment costs 10 points. Likewise, a below average follower (who loses D10 from all his given stats), costs 1 point, an average follower (who suffers from no modifications) costs 3 points, a skilled follower (who gains D10 to all his given stats) costs 6 points, and a heroic follower (who gains an extra skill or psychic power in addition to the extra D10 stats) costs 10 points.            
      II. Recover wounds (may only be done on own sector, as per rulebook).
      III. Train (may only be done on own sector, spends experience points, as per rulebook).