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High Elven Noble and Associates
« on: July 11, 2010, 04:27:30 AM »
Ok, well just read the rules and really liked the idea. My local GW is thinking about starting an =I= campaign, but there are a lot of fantasy players, so am going to introduce the rules to the staff and hopefully they may start a campaign. It will be if at all played in 28mm, as they have a load of fantasy terrain. This is the first character of the warband.

Kaelthaes Noekartra
Kaelthaes was born 700 years ago in Chrace as a noble of the Noekartra Family. The son of Haept Noekartra and brother to Neican and Farrin, he was raised a noble aristocrat. As he grew older he and his brothers were taken hunting where they learnedd how to shoot a bow and how to wield a sword and axe. He grew up to be a handsome elf that was very popular with the ladies. Kaelthaes is tall by elf standards and quite broad and muscular. His long, flowing hair is a yellow like that of the sun. He lacked nothing, he could attain everything he would ever want and was accustomed to it. His skill with the axe and sword was better than his brothers', but he is not very good with a bow.
400 years ago Kaelthaes began to fight as a member of the White Lions and soon became one of Korhil's 2IC's along with his brothers. They went on raids to Nagarroth and beyond. Their father died in their 2nd raid and in rage the brother's slew 15 Cold One's and their riders. When they returned they mourned for 6 years, without taking part in any military actions or even hunts.
After this period of mourning they got back into the White Lions. On their 7th raid 150 years ago, their unit was wiped out in an ambush by a group of shades. Slaying the shades the brothers headed for the boats but both Farrin and Neican were wounded by an assasin before they could make it to the boat. Carrying his brothers, Kaelthaes made it to the boat and it immediatly set sail, however when they arrrived on Ulthuan his brothers were dead.
He blamed himself and with no family to comfort him, he went into a rage, took up his armour and weapons and travelled to the Old World and the lands of the Empire. He now seeks and revenge agaubst the Druchii who killed his family.

Kaelthaes Noekartra
Ws   Bs   S   T   I   Wp   Sg   Nv   Ld
86   53   67   54   92   65   84   80   71

Night Sight, Lightning Reflexes, Disarm(Only Elven Long Sword), Force of Will, Hatred(Druchii), Weapon Mastery(Elven Broad Axe)
Elven Long Sword(Ithilmar), Elven Broad Axe(Ithilmar, Bane(Druchii)), 2 Throwing Axes, Elven Longbow with 18 Bodkin Arrows,Leather Tunic, Leather Leggings, Leather Cod Piece, Scale Mail Arm Guards(3 points armour Arms(Ithilmar)), Scale Mail Skirt(Same as Mail Leggings(Ithilmar)),Plate Cuirasse(Ithilmar), Plate Boots(Ithilmar), Plate Vambraces(Ithilmar), Open Helm(Ithilmar), Lion Cloak(2 points armour on all locations except head and arms, but only ways 1 point of armour)

His model and idea is based on the High Elf on page 200 of the new Fantasy Rulebook.
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Re: High Elven Noble and Associates
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2010, 06:17:01 PM »
I'm a huge High Elf player, so I'm very glad to see one being played. Chrace is also my adopted elven home, so I'm even more happy :D. Just a couple questions. One, why would the dwarf be traveling with an elf? Relations between the two races are still poor after the War of the Beard, and I don't know much about Dwarves, but I think a slayer would have an even tougher time working with an elf.

Secondly, in my experience, slayers don't use ranged weapons or bombs, they prefer to get up close where their heroic death is more likely to be achieved. I haven't read too far into the Witch Hunter rules as of yet, but I'd suggest swapping out the bombs and crossbow for something along the lines of a temporary Frenzy.

Now to the elf, I'm seeing a lot of Ithilmar, which I guess could be justified by the fact that he is a noble. And I'm just curious as to why his Sg is so low, as elven nobles go through a lot of schooling and mental training.

Other than that I'm pretty impressed. Keep up the good work!
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Re: High Elven Noble and Associates
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2010, 07:33:44 AM »
Well, I play a combined force of High Elves from Hoeth and Nargarythe, but I did not want a sword master or a shadow warrior as a character.

With the Slayer, have you read Gotrek and Felix? Their is an engineer who became a slayer who uses pistols and other junk, but your right that is a very unusual case, it has been ammended. Slayers do not care for politics and will travel with almost anyone that does not get in their way.

Kaelthaes and Fruntrik meet in Araby when they go to kill a Necromancer and his army of the Undead

I have started to work out the rules for Ice Magic for a Kislevite Mage.

I played a trial game and you can have a whole heap of mooks(Skeletons, Zombies, Gors and the like) on the table, just group similar characters together, such as Zombies with Zombies up to 6 together and they move together, but be sure to make them split their attacks at range and in close combat otherwise it is just silly.

In the play test we had 17 zombies, a necromancer, and 2 slayers on the board without it running slowly.

on second thought the slayer is now going to dissappear
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Re: High Elven Noble and Associates
« Reply #3 on: July 12, 2010, 08:30:16 AM »
Now will have Kislevite Mage, a Priest of some discription(Either a Battle Monk from Far Cathay of a Death Priest of Morr) and a Witch Hunter

Ice Magic:
Casting Value: 15
Difficulty: 14
Range      Mode     Acc       Damage     Type
C              Semi(2D6)  -          1D6+2        Ranged
Shards of diamond hard ice is emitted from the hands of the caster, striking the enemy visciously.

Spear of Ice
Casting Value: 10
Difficulty: 7
Range      Mode       Acc        Damage    Type
E              Single      -            2D6+4      Ranged
The caster models a shard of ice into a spear and subsequently launches it at the foe.

Freezing Touch
Casting Value: 6
Difficulty:  4
Effect: One touched enemy is frozen in place for D3 turns while frozen they take D3 damage that ignores armour

Freezing Blast
Casting Value: 20
Difficulty: 13
Range      Mode       Acc         Area       Blast        Damage    Type             Effect
25            Single      -             4               5               1D3          Ranged         Anything targeted it frozen for 2 turns
This freezes any water based terrain, creating a sparkling, flat surface over which armies can walk. Otherwise it can freeze an enemy unit, encasing them in binding ice.

Invocation of the Ice Storm
Casting Value: 12
Difficulty: 10
Effect: Confers camouflage to all models with 12 yards, Persistent
A harsh blizzard can be cast by the wizard chanting a few words which engulfs ranged weaponry. A blast of air blows many ranged objects off course or even stop a unit from firing at all.

Glacial Barrier
Casting Value: 37
Difficulty: 18
Effect: This spell creates a eight yard long and 6 yard high was of ice. This can take 17 damage before it breaks and thus protects anyone behind it
This erects a vast ice wall that is impassable and cannot be seen through. It can be destroyed or dispelled or removed by the caster to aid movement and attacks.
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