Author Topic: New campaign im going to run....."The Black Angel"  (Read 2133 times)

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New campaign im going to run....."The Black Angel"
« on: July 18, 2010, 09:28:27 PM »
ok so the below is what will be given to the players in the campaign, and each will also receive a brief unique to their characters.

On the planet of Sederlec, it is rumoured that there is a great Silver statue held in an Ossuary below on of the many Churches. The statue is reputed to be that of the Daemon Prince Immael, twin brother to Ashmael, The Black Angel. During the time when the Emperor still walked the mortal plane, these twin Daemons caused the deaths of over 3 billion Humans spread out across an entire sector. Immael was eventually defeated by an Imperial Priest named Ederic, and cast down into a vast smelting pit where he was frozen in form until he could be re-awakened. Seeing Immael defeated, Ashmael spat that he would never stop until he had released his twin, no matter where the statue was hidden, and that h had already foreseen the fall of the Imperium a thousand times. For 10,000 years Ashmaels followers, calling themselves The Believers, have searched the worlds in the same sector as Sederlec for Immael, always being led by one claiming to be Ashmael in human form, and for 10,000 years the Imperial Church has managed to keep the statue hidden. However, now it seems Ashmael's hate filled words are ringing true, for Sederlec has been plunged into perpetual darkness and its inhabitants are, one-by-one, going missing, only to be found dyas later drained of blood and mutilated almost to unrecogniition. Could this be the end that Ashmael foresaw?

"You think yourselves immortal, yet immortallity is given only to those deserving of it's gift. I will never stop searching, for in my dreams a thousand times a thousand times i have seen your precious Imperium fall, twisted by the galaxy's true masters. Until the time of Night, when I shall feed freely once again. When this time comes, Nothing shall stop me"