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Distant memories suggest to me that Ymgarl (pretty sure that's not how you spell it) Genestealers can do eggs, but regular flavour Genestealers are strictly the improbable host cycle.

. . .

Also, speaking of Komodo Dragons, did you know they eat water buffalo?
Those things are huge.

Hehe, well to get regular genestealers doing eggs, simply take the evolutionary cycle back a couple of steps. I should know, I did it for the genestealers in my hive fleet. Basically, it's a fairly short leap from "implanted egg" to "implanted tumor of genetic material".

As for the komodo dragons, yes I did know that. Last time I looked them up, they basically bit the buffalo and gave it gangrene or some-such infection (their mouths are really rather dirty due to their habit of eating carrion without flossing afterwards). But a documentary I saw a couple of weeks ago suggested they were actually venomous. If that's the case, they're the world's largest (by weight and size that is) venomous reptile.

They also eat the occasional tourist, at the rate of one or two a year . . .
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