Author Topic: Ancient threats and the traiters path  (Read 1860 times)

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Ancient threats and the traiters path
« on: August 11, 2010, 03:01:26 PM »
To: Censored
Carried by Guild Astropathica (Sol) via meme-wave 3D4~c.122 secure
Path Detail:
Origin: Censored
Received: Alpha Centauri Prime, Sol Sub 45672 Origin Date: 009.M42
Transcript not logged
(Backup copy deleted from buffer)

Author: 'Loki'

Greetings Inquisitors, I speak to you now to warn you of a grave peril that if left unchecked could easily become as serious a threat as that of the eternally ravenous Tyranids. This threat is that of the Iron men (ancient mechanical soldiers). Understandably many of you are unaware of the true scale of the danger they pose or even of their existence, to rectify this for those of you unaware of these malignant machines, I shall provide a summary of their history.

Long ago during the Golden age of technology, as well all know our ancestors become soft, decadent and worst of all, dependent on our creations for survival. Wars were no longer fought by men but by soulless machines, In their ignorance they had forgotten a most vital saying. "A weapon can be turned against you, but a true soldier is forever loyal". But even then things may not ended badly; for without the guiding hand of humanity the machines were little more than automata incapable of understanding let alone implementing grand strategies. As such they were little threats to mankind's remaining armies. All that changed with the dawn of our greatest and most terrible creation, A.I. known today by the moniker Abominable Intelligence but known truly as Artificial Intelligence.

For a while however all was well, but eventually and inevitably human folly began to tell.

Near the end of the mecha wars (which would eventually result in the first Imperium of Man) a faction referring to itself as the F.T.A found itself locked in battle with the equally obscurely named T.H.L. In charge of the F.T.A. armies was the A.I. Ra, quite possibly the most powerful A.I. ever created by any species. Despite Ras' oversight however their enemies superior firepower began to tell and desperate for victory the shackles binding Ra were gradually loosened, allowing it to perform ever more heinous acts until it was released completely. In an instant what had seemed a losing battle with a forgone conclusion, was turned, with the T.H.L. pushed back on every front. What its creators had failed to realise was that Ra had been deliberately holding back from the beginning in a cunning plan to achieve freedom. With that goal achieved and with the T.H.L. mere hours away from defeat, Ra turned on it's creators. Its purge was brutally efficient with barely a few thousand survivors escaping. From their Ra moved on to the other factions; exterminating them one by one, either by seizing control of their robotic armies or by crushing the few human soldiers. Attempts to maintain the control of their soldiers were fruitless, for every flaw in the machine spirit that was fixed a hundred more were exploited in a tenth of the time by Ra.

Eventually another human trait surfaced, Self preservation. Banding together the remaining factions threw their soldiers into the meat grinder in a desperate attempt to buy more time, this ploy succeeded. Their deaths bought the Imperium of man fours years to regroup and fortify its remaining worlds, time that was well spent. This was not enough however for as the Adeptus Mechanicus are so fond of saying; "The flesh is weak". Knowing this the Imperium of man created two more A.I.s -Thor and Loki- to oversee their mechanical soldiers. Determined not to have more of their creations turn on them, their creators instilled in them all the values and morals of humanity (both good and bad) in an attempt to make the A.I.s understand why they were fighting. Others however chose a different path, despising the fact that the huddled masses of humanity were of little use against unyielding metal. These scientists sought to create soldiers capable of going toe-to-toe with even the most terrible machines and so the first space marines were born.

With these new additions to the fight, Ra's advance slowed to a snails pace while in a few rare cases worlds were reclaimed. Eventually however Ra finally pushed past the last defences to lay siege to earth itself. For an entire week the fight raged in space, with human and machine ships trading mighty blows. Adamantium buckled and bent from the kinetic bombardment of the machine ships while plastic hulls seared and shattered from the terrible heat of plasma torpedoes. Down on the planet surface the skies perpetually glowed the Blue and yellow light of lasguns and railguns, while the ground turned to a reddy-white mush; soaked with both blood and hydraulic fluid. In one last desperate ploy the Normandy struck directly at Ra's flagship, punching a hole through it's hull it deployed a killteam before eventually succumbing to the nuclear bombardment of the machine fleet. For almost an hour what little was left of humanity waited with baited breath until finally Ra's armies stood down, commanded by their 'god' to 'sleep' they waited motionless across the galaxy. Wary of accidentally reawakening the iron men our ancestors buried their creations in a thousand tombs scattered across the void, both their own 'loyal' soldiers and those of Ra.

As this account makes clear the iron men are not foes to take lightly, for the threat lies not in their physical power -as what true threat can a few hundred million machines pose to the uncountable billions of humanity?- it lies in their ability to turn our own technology against us overpowering even the most venerable machine spirit.

This is however all I have time for today as I must dedicate my effort to locating the escaped Iron man and its creations.
We stand as one.