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Re: Can a Pariah be possessed?
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In short, the daemons seemed to be seeing the mundane world.

In the book 'Daemon world', there's reference to the fact that Daemons CAN see the mundane world, but only if they CHOOSE to see it that way. They just consider it to be an experience which is below them. However, this information is only as reliable and 'canon' as Ben Counter, the author of the book. (Of whom I have limited experience.)

The exact passage to which I am referring: "To Lady Charybdia's jaded eyes, people all looked the same, unless she forced her senses down to a normal, mortal level."
Personally, the way I understand the matter is that a daemon "seeing" the material world isn't so much about sensory perception, as it is about comprehension.

A daemon, at its core, is a creature utterly alien to the material universe. Everything about the material universe is strange and unfamiliar to a daemon. And when I say everything, I mean everything - the notion of things having shape and mass, of physical distance and linear time, of colours and sounds, of smells and tastes.... those things are as strange to a daemon as the warp is to mortals.

Time and space essentially don't exist in the warp, meaning that every daemon naturally perceives all of time and every point in its existence simultaneously - there is nothing else but a 'here' and a 'now'. Put that daemon in the material universe and it suddenly finds itself stuck at a single point in space and time, rather than existing at every point and every moment in an infinite expanse. Most daemons can't handle that - their consciousness and their intellect simply can't process the difference, and consequently the average manifest daemon is a creature driven by raw instinct and blind to consequence, existing only for the sensations (another unfamiliar notion) immediately available to them. Similarly, unable to perceive every moment of their existence all at once, they find themselves in the unenviable position of suddenly needing to remember things when before memory was an irrelevant mortal notion.

The more powerful the daemon, the more they can comprehend of this material realm, the more lucid and coherent they are in thought and deed, and the more of their infinite vision they can recall (relatively speaking). A sufficiently powerful daemon can focus on the world around it, perceive it clearly, and act upon what it perceives...
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