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Hi folks,
After painting and converting Inquisitor models for some time now, I decided it was time to take the game for a spin.
I've read the book through-and-through a few times, but it's never the same in theory as in practice, so I invited a mate over to have a go at this "narrative wargaming".

We decided that this game would be a one-off and not part of any future campaign, and so set about making up a total of four characters, based on the models we wanted to use and the arche-types in the book. I decided for an inquisitor by the name of Mannheim, based on the Eisenhorn stats but with a stub-gun instead of a duelling pistol, and a shotgun as backup. Accompanying him would be his trusted mutant, Gob. Gob was based on the Quovandius stats, but armed with two six-shooters and flak-armour on the upper body, and he didn't have any wyrd powers.

My opponent opted for a tech-priest by the name of Khobotov, armed with a stub-gun with a laser-sight, light bionics (count-as flak armour on all locations except the head) a mechanical cherub that would help her with all menial tasks (like opening doors and suchs...not that we had any doors on the table that needed opening, but we might use the rules in the future). As protection Khobotov brought a local Enforcer with a las pistol and a shock-maul, protected by a flak body-glove.

We set up a table with the help from a bunch of card board boxes and some it's-and-bits (including a game of dominos...yeah, in a home devoid of wargaming terrain you have to be creative...) and decided that the main objective of Mannheim and Gob was to get to the other end of the table, one of them carrying a stolen mechanicus mirco-chip of great value to Khobotov, hence the interception.

This is how it played out...

Mannheim turned around a corner, his bare head, covered in sweat, reflecting the light from the low-power bulbs symptomatic for Mechanicus installations. Power sword in one hand and stub-pistol in the other, Mannheim ghosted down the corridor, knowing full well that it was only a matter of time before the Mechanicus would discover the data-breach. The Extractor chip has cost him a fortune, but it was worth every credit. If he made it to the surface, that was.
Behind him the lumpy form of Gob stiffened and drew one of the pistols from his belt. Gob was never going to win any beauty contests, but he was one of the most dependable and loyal members of Mannheims crew.
"What is it Gob?" Mannheim hissed, sensing the unease on the edge of Gobs mind.
"I finks' dey isss commin', I shought I 'eard somfink'..." the mutant sloshed through the mess of his face that had earned him his nickname in the first place, narrowing his eyes in a grimace he no doubt thought would make him look cunning. It didn't.
"Well, we better make ready for a warm welcome then," Mannheim said with a wolfish grin "we wouldn't want to disappoint the machine-spirits of their fire-arms, would we?"
The joke was lost on Gob, who just shaked his head hard, like a 10-year old being asked if he had anything to do with the missing cookies from the jar.
The pair of them proceeded down the corridor, knowing that the ride out of the Mechanicus complex wasn't going to be as smooth as they had hoped for.

The set-up:

Mannheim and Gobs starting area:

Khobotov and Enforcer starting area:

The first turn started with Mannheim moving slowly down the corridor, going for the left, while Gob proceeded down the main corridor. Khobotov and her Enforcer moved out from their starting positions, Khobotov aiming for the small stairs leading to the top of the main building.

Gobs first turn:

The second turn saw Mannheim sneaking around the corner, spotting stairs leading to the top of the building to his right. Khobotov climbed the stairs and found herself standing atop the main building, surveying the entire table. The Enforcer walked cautiously around the very same building, her boots echoing between the empty buildings of the Mechanicus complex. This was heard by Gob, who sneaked up to the wall, listening intently, trying to guess where his opponent might be.

Khobotovs climb to the main building leaves her in a very favorable position:

Gob hears the footsteps of the Enforcer, and plans his next move:

The third turn began with Mannheim climbing the building to his right, only to find himself staring down the gun of Tech Priest Khobotov!
The Tech Priest drew aim on Mannheim and loosened off two shots at him. The first shot whined past his ear, just missing him. The other shot got him in the abdomen, inflicting minor damage, thanks to his flak armour and strong physique. Meanwhile on the ground, the Enforcer continued down through the buildings, the sound of gun-shots quickening her steps. Gob decided that he would use this moment to make his presence known to his enemy, and walked out of cover, letting off a shot with his six-shooter at the Enforcer. The shot missed its mark, and cursing he drew aim again, hoping he would get a second chance...

Mannheim climbs the building, only to find himself in a very compromising situation:

Khobotov lets off shots at Mannheim, taking him in the abdomen:

Gob leaves cover and blasts away at the enforcer!

The beginning of the fourth turn saw Mannheim hefting his powersword and, an oath on his lips, jumping the gap between himself and Khobotov, going for the charge! Khobotov, who had calculated his chance of success less than 35%, was taken by surprise as the inquisitor made the jump and she suddenly found herself face to face with her adversary. This time there was no time for aiming, and she let off two snap-shots at mannheim, only to miss him completely.
The Enforcer spotted the mutant abomination before he let off his shot, and gave thanks to the God-emperor for the poor aim of the thing. She hefted her shock-maul and charged, determined to end the life of the pitiful creature. Her first swing went wide and the second was dodged by the mutant. All was not bad though, as that last dodge brought the creatures back to the cooling tanks, with nowhere to run!
Gob swallowed after the close run-in with the shock-maul. He knew very well what happened to people who got in the way of power-mauls. They usually ended up on the pavement, or worse, in the back of the Arbites riot-trucks.
He decided to try and break away from the combat with the Enforcer and let off a shot or two at her. He dodged around her, turned around and let off a single shot with his revolver. The lead-bullet hit its mark, right in the arm of the Enforcer, making her drop the shock-maul on the floor!

Gob and the Enforcer locked in combat:

Turn five started with Mannheim charging Khobotov, slicing at her with his power sword. She attempted to dodge and weave out of the way, but to no avail. Mannheim had been a swordsman for longer than most people live, and his skill with the power sword saw him first cut Khobotovs right hand to shreds, his second cut disemboweling her, spilling a mix of blood, organs and oil over the floor, followed by the rest of Khobotovs body.
On the floor the Enforcer raised her las-pistol at Gob, but not fast enough, and Gob fired first, burrowing a bullet in her stomach.

Mannheim and Khobotov squares off:

By now, it was quite obvious that the Enforcer wasn't going to make it, and after Mannheim had moved to the edge of the mail building, facing the two combatants and using his powers to mesmerise the poor girl, we decided to call it quits and evaluate the game.

All in all we were both pleased with how the game went. A lot of time was spend looking stuff up and punching numbers on my old calculator, but I suppose that it's that same thing as with every other first-time-games. The game was a short one, the table being really small and with only two characters per side, it was bound to be over in a blur.
We've decided to make our own characters for the next game, and then get a real storyline going.
I for one can't wait 'till my next game!
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As you said a short game, but it was well written up and certainly give the impression of a whirlwind ambush that went wrong for Khobotov! And although the scenery was cardboard, the pictures just bring it alive a lot more and for me at least that really wasn't an issue :) (good old imagination...damn your HD tv's :P).

An enjoyable read anyway :)

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Good fun! 

The cardboard buildings just made it look industrial to my eyes.  Plus, the nicely painted models were a convenient distraction. 

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Sounds like a good game, and your wrote the battle report well! I have, unfortunately, a lot of experience with carboard terrain, a little bit of imagination can go a long way. With good writing, when you look at the pictures you dont see carboard but mechanicus buildings! I look forward to your future games  :)

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There's nothing wrong with carboard boxes! The great t hing about them is that they're modular and can represent absolutely anything you want - from inside a warehouse, to a dark, damp catacomb, to an oil rig perched on the side of a mountain - anything! You might want to start fashioning some specific scenery though - in true Gears of War homage, I've found that chest-high walls are literally a life-saver, and add a nice back-and-forth dynamic to gunplay if people have cover to hide behind.

Great job on the report btw, a thoroughly good read.
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