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Adept Ethel 4 Tangoscky
« on: December 28, 2010, 09:38:57 PM »
Adept Ethel 4 Tangosky
Unpainted Pics
(Will have fully painted pics tommorow)

A devout disciple of the Omissiah, her sect devotes it's self to the rediscovery and perfection of mankind's lost technology. She is a fervent believer in the sanctity of the machine spirit, and considers any adulteration with alien technology the highest heresy. However, her record is not as spotless as this piety might show. She was removed from her position, assisting in the investigation of fragments from an STC template, over allegations that Ethel herself was committing the sin of invention. She is currently assigned to a minor position in internal affairs for the forgeworld Sarkos IX, but has increased her standing significantly due to her work with the regressed Tech Priests on the Feral world Sarkos III.

(My Knowledge of the Mechanicus is limited to pretty much what I've picked up listening to Kaled, so help with sect names, proper terms, any plot holes and such, much appreciated).

Handedness: Right Handed

Equipment: Mk12 Plasma Blaster with Overflow pack. MIU linked Servohound, Vibroknife (Short Sword), Bionic Left Arm (S62), Photolenses (I can't find the rules for these anywhere? Have I just Imagined seeing them? Have I misremembered the name completely?). Data Slate. Armour 3 robes on all locations except head. Av 6 on left arm. AV 5 Ablative armour on Chest, Arms, Abdomen, Groin, Legs. Against Plasma and Flame weapons only.

Mk12 Plasma Blaster: Investigations are still continuing into the correct interpretation of the remaining STC fragments for this Model, and it's accompanying overflow pack, Adept Ethel provides field testing data to truly determine the correct will of the Omnissiah and restore the design to it's holy function. Untill then, she must put up with it's erratic behavior.

Mk 12 Plasma blaster:
Mode: Semi D6

Overflow pack:
The Overflow pack helps maintain the integrity of the weapon, Firing the weapon is still a risky action, however, roll on the table below, instead of the plasma malfunction table.

1 Explodes!
The character counts as shooting himself in his firing arm. Resolve damage
and injuries in the normal way. The plasma weapon is destroyed.
2-5 Critical overheat.
The character drops the weapon and takes D6 damage to his firing arm and D6 damage to another location (Randomise 1-2 chest, 3-4 abdomen, 5 groin, 6 head)
The weapon is too hot to be picked up for D3 turns.
6 Overheat.
The character drops the weapon.

S:82 (Right Arm:S20)
Ld: 62

Servo Hound (R045U5)
A modified Cybermasstif (which Sarkos IX exports in some quantity) the Servohound is a useful, if slightly unpopular STC variant, when MIU linked to an adept have been shown to increase efficiency by 31.432%, due to assistance in basic tasks. It is Unpopular due to it's unfortunate tendency to damage delicate items with it's bounding gait.

S: 80

MIU link: Provided Adept Ethel is concious, the Servohound maybe controlled directly by the player, rather than being given orders. Orders may still be given, including ones for the event of incapacitation of Adept Ethel, however, they must be told to the GM or opposing player before the game begins.

Spectral Analyser: Can read barcodes, identify over 10,000 different chemicals, and functions as a bioscanner.

 Servo-arms: Normally used in fetching and carrying, or moving debrie, the servo arms are powerful manipulating tools. In combat the Servohound can use them as a Powerfist.

Jump Pistons: the Servo Hounds legs are fitted with spring loaded pistons giving it the ability to jump further than is normally possible. It can jump upto 6 yards.  If the servo hound spends an action sprinting it can jump 9 yards.  (Thanks Kaled, Brilliant Article)

Comments and Criticism much appreciated.
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Re: Adept Ethel 4 Tangoscky
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I just gave this a quick once over, as i'm on my way out, however i personally vote that cyberoo is the hound's name. As for the rest, i'm no admech in any way shape or form, anything more high-tec than a calculator, and i get confused, and thats in real life.

Would an overheat on a plasmagun affect someone with bionic arms?

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Re: Adept Ethel 4 Tangoscky
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She only has one bionic arm. For some reason she shoots with the other arm.

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Re: Adept Ethel 4 Tangoscky
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Just make up names for sects and the like - otherwise your background is fine if a little sparse. There are lots of forge worlds and other places with a Mechanicus presence, so there's little restrictions on where your character is from. And the Mechanicus is almost an empire in it's own right, so you have almost as many options as with Imperial character as regards careers, religion, family life etc - the details might be different, but you can use all the same archetypes as you'd use for any other character - military types, religious types, scholars, criminals and so on.

On a more specific note, cyber-mastiffs are pretty nasty normally - one armed with a power fist is going to be deadly. I'd just give it a slightly higher damage than normal, but nothing like as high as that for a powerfist.
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Re: Adept Ethel 4 Tangoscky
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Painted Pics

How about upping the strength and cadging the crushing rules for the servo arms? Unless someone has developed any others?