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the magneto project
« on: September 24, 2012, 10:14:08 PM »
started on a new inquisitor project, a while back I thought the nagash torso and bounty hunter legs looked like they could work together. I had a number of characters in my head that would fit the model but I couldnít decide which. Already having 2 nagash models it seemed the solution was simple, buy another bounty hunter to give 2 models that were the same, paint one in dark brooding colours, one in nice bright holier than thou colours, add in a bucket of magnets for arm, head and accessory swaps and end up with lots of characters from the 2 models. Here are the base models.

The nagash torso is a bit skinny at the waist and the flak skirt? worn by the bounty hunter necessitates something big around the waist to blend the 2 parts together. At the moment I am thinking a large sash. It should hopefully suit the flamboyant look I am going for.
Before I add the sash however I want to make sure I get all of the magnets in place, I donít want to have to put too much pressure on any greenstuff. I am currently thinking of having a removable cloak, and a removable back pack/ trophy rack. These should all be doable using a large magnet in the back. I also want to remove the little skull on the breast plate and insert a magnet there, this will allow for a couple of options such as a box containing a rogue traders warrant of trade, maybe a large Inquisition seal, some scrolls covered in pentagrammic wards or another sash.
Within the sash around the waist I want a magnet on either hip for adding scabbards/holsters. One other option I am considering is icons on the flak skirt panels. Then there are the obvious heads and arms.

My question is, before I start does anyone else have any ideas for other locations for additional accessories?