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My impirial NPCs log

Started by seaglen, April 03, 2014, 09:08:34 AM

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Hello all,
well after starting up my Hive scum and bad-guy thread (here: ) I thought I better begin showing my progress on my Imperial minor characters.
These will be a collection of Imperial workers, Administratum agents, Minisitsorum priests and everything in between.

Starting off with a generic trooper, I wamnted this guy to be pretty abiguious as to where his affiliations lie - so he can be used in-game as an Inquisitorial stormtrooper, regular guardsman, independent agent or bodyguard:

Starting with some greys and browns as a base to give him neutral palette, I wanted a bit of pop, so went for a green lasgun and bright visor.

Updates to come soon!


Quick update - added more details to his armour, padding and gun:

Ive started to make him a little more elite looking, and so went for some touches of dark green on the gun, gold trim and touches of deep red.

I also am rethinking the orange of the visor may need to be kept in keeping with the rest of the model...

(I also added in a red-dot in the barrel of the lasgun...)


Looking nice, with some good highlighting, and I feel the visor works quite well as a bit of token colour and brightness in a model which may otherwise be a little too uniformly dark grey. Always useful to have a few generic henchmen around who can be attached to different warbands as needed.
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i agree with Holiad; the splash of colour gives a little focus to the model while the muted colours and mask help him stand as a generic NPC!

are you going to do a collection of guys? i found that for NPCs they need to be visually similar else people mistake them for characters!
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Long time, no post...

as for the visor lens, I am still undecided at present, but have tried it in a deeper red:


Van Helser

What about trying a gemstone-like effect? Deep red at the top progressing to a light red along the bottom, white dot in one of the top corners and some gloss varnish if you have some?

Googled up this tutorial if you're not familiar with what I'm on about.



Van Helser, that would be perfect for it!

I better get practicing my wet-blending, as I'll be needing it not only for this guy's visor but also attempting a cystal NMM on my inquisitor's sword..


Very nice.

Makes me feel I should really put more effort into my NPCs...
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@Marco - yes although he is effectively cannon fodder, I want to make all my models with at least a little back story for a campaign. However, he will basically be used as a standard guard/agent in any scenario that would fit the bill.

I finally got round to tidying up the visor on "the trooper".

After a bit of thought, I'm unsure if I should put the white glint-dot in the top corner, or leave as is? thoughts?

And a little sneak peak of all my (nearly) completed models following the rebuilds/paints:

EDIT: and a little sneak peak of some effects i have been playing with:



Now "The Trooper" is complete, I wanted to start on more members of imperial NPC society.

Next up is going to be a cultist, called Claudius.

Small bit of background for him:

Starting with a basic mock-up of Malicant's legs and Sgt. Stone's torso and arms, I wanted him to be bear bodies, so accectuate the scars he has - Luckily Stone's torso already has scars and stitches/plates-a-plenty!

My plan is to have him wielding two flails, in a nice twisting pose, with the chains arcing around him.
These will be most likely made from Chaos Marauder parts!

I think I may need to twist the head to his left a little more to get the feeling of motion into the model:

So from this angle he would be looking at the camera:

Thoughts and comments welcome!


Radu Lykan

looks like you have been having fun with special effects accross all your threads, with some terrain behind them you could get some really good pictures for a battle report or scatter them throughout character fluff pages, good stuff

whirling cultist looks fun, for posing i find acting out the pose can show you if its right or not, grab two sticks and give it a go :)


Thanks for the comments Radu!

As for the effects, that's the exact plan - I will be trying to get some scenario and battle reports up, and throughout take some atmospheric and interesting shots to tell the story - then add effects to them if necessary!

The Whirling cultist now has a bit more of a pose, with his head positioned to emphasise the twist in his body:

Next up is to find some suitable looking flails and pop some more details onto him.
(I did try swinging about a couple of sticks, much to cat/girlfriend's annoyance...)

Van Helser

The new pose looks much better. Might be an idea to sculpt some cloth around his neck to extend the hood a little. I think it would look odd on a bare torso otherwise.



Yes the plan will be to sculpt additional cloth to make the hood longer top cover his neck as a sort of tabbard.
I will be adding some books and other religious gubbins to his person, and hopefully use some cloth/ribbons to get the motion of the model across.

Any idea for what to sculpt on the arm-band? - maybe an Ecclesiarchy symbol?

Van Helser

I like the dagger symbol on the band as it is - symbol of a deathcult, or the importance of militancy to the creed. you could try and change it to a flail, or change it into an =][= I suppose.