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My impirial NPCs log

Started by seaglen, April 03, 2014, 09:08:34 AM

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Update to my NPCs on this one too!

I have added an arbites symbol in freehand to the riot shield, and will update with pics soon.

I have already started work on another character (cultist still pending too - I must finish him as well!) who will be a sniper.
She is based upon the combination of death cult assassin and eldar ranger, with a few Callidus and Dark Elf bits thrown in.

Her backstory will be that of an unknown human female, named "Dorada" who has had extensive bio-augmentation and bionics - it is unclear how much of her is truly flesh and blood, and how much is a mechanical counterpart.

She wields two knives in combat (if she ever ends up face to face with an enemy) and a needle rifle for ranged take-downs.

Ive added some brass etch to the base - a road sign with a skull on it, to help emphasise the aesthetic of her as a killer.

I will be adding a callidus assassin head to the model, and also a dark elf corsair scaled cloak to her back - this will represent a natural version of cameleoline - but that of a native cameleoinic reptile's hide, rather than an artificial invention.

Alyster Wick

Simple, but effective conversion. You don't see too many Callidus Assassin* bits used, I'm interested to see how it turns out! I like the concept overall, is there any chance there will be more cloth getting added on top of the scaled bits? It may look a bit awkward to have the loose sleeves and most everything else skin-tight. Then again, in the grim darkness of the far future, there is not enough light to properly coordinate your clothing.

*Consequently, if you have an extra Callidus head (I believe a few came w/ the kit) I'd definitely be open to bartering. Feel free to PM me, I've got a decent amount of random bitz, including 40K, Fantasy, and Inquisitor.


Oh wow love that last conversion - really effective!

RE: cloth on arms, why not go all out and make them puffy sleeves to get a real Elizabethan vibe going on?

Radu Lykan

The Elizabethan puffy arms is what I am planning for my Escher gang in necromunda, combined with the skin tight dark eldar stuff it looks quite good, something similar here might be fun


If you're going to go puffy sleeves - take this to 11 and give her a full ruff collar too. Business at the bottom, party at the top.

Speaking of business at the bottom - are you going to do anything about those tasteful slits? I notice you mention that she's mostly augmented, the slits basically showing bare skin under a thin skin-tight suit. I'd either add some mechanical gubbinz poking out, or just file them away entirely to make the suit look whole again, thus adding to the air of mystery as to what's beneath!
An Inquisitor walks into a bar - he rolls D100 to see if he hits it.
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thanks for the feedback everyone!

I will take a look into the sleeves, but am thinking of just using miliput to merge the Corsair cloak and shoulders/sleeves together.

Quoteif you have an extra Callidus head
- I'll take a look. I have a feeling i just had the one, but will certainly be happy to swap out if I have a second one.

Quoteare you going to do anything about those tasteful slits?
- my thoughts exactly - I will be smoothing them off, and giving her a full body-suit with no slits in, so the only bit of skin visible is her one half of her face. Should be creepy enough in a Helmet less Darth Vader kind of way...


I've eventually added an overlying piece of cloth joining her sleeves to her torso, and also included the Dark Elf Corsair cloak, and joined this up with miliput.

I've had a go at smoothing out some of the cuts in her suit, and this should paint up ok - next is adding the Calidus assassin's head, and getting some paint on.

For the colour scheme, I am thinking something reminiscent of the new assassin bodysuit colour (how do GW get that black/blue/purple/green shimmer to it?) - with a nice aqua scale colour to compliment.
thoughts on colour for the rifle?

I've also begun more work on the cultist - Last time i was looking at him, I was taking on the advise of giving him imperial insignia as his flails.
After deliberating on the flails, I stumbled upon these great non GW parts on ebay (meant for sisters of battle conversions) and had to use them - so now the cultist wields a pair of shock mauls (i may add wire linking them to his wrist-guards):

I also started bedecking him out with purity seals, to add some more movement to the model, as there will no longer be the flail chains. this also ties him in with one of the more dogmatic cults rather than a renegade one:

I then finished work on the base:


Van Helser

Those weapons are perfect for the cultist. The pose really conveys a sense of movement - I imagine him spinning forward, smashing heretics asunder with his holy bludgeons.

The extra sculpting and cloak has really helped tie the arms to the assassin body. It has also helped make her breasts slightly less gravity-defying - the original pose with arms above the head drew them up, and it never looks quite right without reworking the shoulders if you add other arms.


Alyster Wick

Those weapons on the zealot are brutal looking. I would not want to get hit by those! As Van said, great sense of motion on him.

The cloak also looks great on the sniper. It adds a good flow to the model and makes the sleeves look much more natural. Overall the composition of the model is great and you were really able to effectively change the energy of the model with some slight tweaks.


That zealot is vicious! The new weapons really did justice to the figure
I'll present my take on the same torso+arms combination in the future


Many thanks for the feedback!

I'd love to see your take on those parts combinations, KaptiDavy.

Yes Im happy with the cloak on the sniper - I just need to tidy it up now...

I've added a few more layers to the cultist:

Alyster Wick


Purple you say? Smells kinda heretical to me...

That said, all that beautiful flat colour is screaming out for some freehand symbols declaring his allegiance.

Great stuff, I look forward to seeing what you do next!
An Inquisitor walks into a bar - he rolls D100 to see if he hits it.
Gallery of my Inquisitor models here.


Haha thanks for the comments!

As far as the colour chice goes, this is actually a little homage to my firend's old Space MArince chapter colours, and so thought Id use the scheme on this cultist.
Also, is purple necesarilly heretical in colour? - I understand it could be a little to Slanesshi, or genestealer cultist, but I image there are a few imperial cults that use purple.

on the note of freehand though - Im not sure what to add - maybe some imperial lightning bolts at the hems in gold?

next is to work on the skin tone, Id like to get it paler. Also just tidying up the wrist guards, shoes and arm-band...


Hullo  -a little update on the cultist first of all!

I have now begun detailing the wrist guards, adding detail to the base, and also weathering his very plain purple robes:

I also added detail to the inquisitor arm-band he is wearing, and brougth up more highlights on his rope/belts and the weapons have a little more pop to them: