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My Agents of the Inquisition

Started by seaglen, August 22, 2014, 10:47:16 PM

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Quoteit really screams "Yeah? You want some too?"

Haha yep - that was the idea (another homage to my friend too!)

Alyster Wick

Damn, that is a really great parts combo on the radical interrogator. I'm definitely giving my Mynarc head a closer trim after seeing what you've done w/ the hair/horn. I could actually swing that full combination of parts if I disassemble an Eldar Assassin I have (because really, when am I going to use an Eldar assassin in a game?) and am kind of tempted to do my own riff off of that design. Could make a great Rogue Trader or radical Xenos Inquisitor. I've also being reading Van's Xanthite sourcebook, so the time could be ripe for a proper Chaotician...

Regardless, you have really great parts combinations on this entire thread. I am thoroughly tempted to steal them all.


More great stuff here - let's see that inquisitor finished. For the blonder hair don't be afraid to highlight all the way up to white, but just do it sparingly rather than on every strand. I use Vallejo Iraqi Sand as my blonder colour, it's a touch more 'realistic' and less yellowy. Don't know what you are worried about with the sword, looks really slick for being painted by hand!
The big chaos symbol on the back made be chuckle, I have some rather crude conversions from my first take on Inquisitor all those years ago too.

Radu Lykan

The slaaneshi guy is looking good or rather he looks bad :) just from a quick glance you get the impression you would rather not know this guy, that's before we see the daemon infested sword on his back :)

Lord Borak

Great stuff man. The pose looks great and the parts work very well together. Out of curiosity, did you ever finish your Inquisitors sword?


Hi all,

updates to come soon!

QuoteI could actually swing that full combination of parts
Just as a heads up - the Eisenhorn arms needed a dremmel to them to get them remotely thin enough to look passable on the Eldar's body.

QuoteThe big chaos symbol on the back made be chuckle
- I know! - it was a while back. I am going to recreate some sort of chaos iconography, albeit a little more subtly...

QuoteOut of curiosity, did you ever finish your Inquisitors sword?
-  not yet, but I plan to by next week!!

EDIT - here's a few more progress shots of the Slanesshi:

Here he is next his original counterpart:

I will be trying to keep him in the same colours and schemes as before...

I've started to bring the blues up, and begun work on the skin at last:

One really remarkable thing that came out of this guy so far, was the fact that I've discovered old GW paints stand up to the test of time much better than their modern day counterparts!

this little pot was the original colour used for the Slaneshii's sword, and after opening it up, IT STILL WORKS PERFECTLY!!

I then began to bring up the golds/blacks and greys:

I then started working on the trim, and the sword details a little more, and based his familiar:
(my friend's original familiar is the painted one - I may repaint and give him two?...)

the pink on the hilt will be shaded and merged in more, and not quite as bright when finished...


Very nice! I was trying to place where that laspistol had come from, and I think that lick of paint has made it clearer - is that a cut down pump action shotgun as the gun body?
An Inquisitor walks into a bar - he rolls D100 to see if he hits it.
Gallery of my Inquisitor models here.


It is indeed!
Just one of those tiny bits I snipped off, an kept lying around - add a lasgun muzzle and there you have it!


Small update on the Inquisitor's sword - I tried a different effect to get the reflective nature of the sowrd across:

thoughts? - I'm not too sold on it, as I think the blue is a little too Royal blue, and not "ice blue" enough.
feedback appreciated!


Van Helser

I think to get the blue looking lighter you could try adding more contrast - make it darker towards the hilt, and blend in some more icy blue before hitting white at the point.

I do like that oversized sword on the Radical's back. The use of the familiar is a great touch. For those struggling to see how a mortal could wield a weapon that big, then maybe a shameless plug of one of the new daemon weapon abilities I am adding to the Xanthite sourcebook may help -

The daemon bears the weight of the blade on its non-corporeal back, rendering it feather light and swift in the hands of its bearer. The weapon weighs nothing in terms of encumbrance and there are no strength requirements to bear the weapon. Additionally, the weapon has a 0% parry penalty.



Another bit of necromancy on this thread! - Again, almost 4 years to the day!

I've still not finished the blue inquisitor's sword effect - I promise to do so soon.

In the meantime, I've now gone back to the slanneshi inquisitor and brought him up to speed:

All detail is now more pronounced and i've begun working on his face - i'm slowly getting better at these as time goes by, but man they can be tricky....

I still need to finish the purple daemon hilt on the sword too...


I'm liking the sleeves and sword on this guy.
I think I can see some edge highlighting on some elements of this?
"Heretics are like cockroaches - annoying to find, and even more annoying to kill." - unattrib.


Thanks - yeah ive begun work on highlighting all edges now, including the sword too:

Ive also started on his two vampiric familiars:

And on another note, Ive also finished off the blue inquisitor's sword and final touches!


These are great, a really inventive use of familiar parts and the paint job on the blue Inquisitor is especially phenomenal.  I never quite got the hang of highlighting edges consistently like that.  The daemon sword on Slaaneshi dude is coming along very nicely too. 

On top of the modelling/painting expertise on display here, you've also managed to get multiple hobby threads back into a somewhat active state at the same time, for which I can only salute you!  Been far too quite on here of late; too much of that and people will start thinking we're all dead.  So many half-finished projects from years ago that I'd love to see completed...

Three cheers for necromancy! :)


Many thanks for the kind words !

The blue was my first real attempt at this kind of highlighting, which was in turn inspired by one of Lord Borak's miniatures in his thread.
(He's far better than me at painting however!)

Yeah this past week has given me a second wind when it comes to the projects I had on the shelves. Hopefully you'll all see more come out of the woodwork as I dust off the old boxes too!!