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A Storm of Brushes

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Alyster Wick:
It is March of 2015. So begins a battle of wills, a war fought with determination, courage, and copious amounts of paint. Yes, it is the 2015 Storm of Brushes!

As discussed in other threads, those denizens of the conclave ambitious enough to partake will join their crazed brethren in a challenge to clear five models out of their painting queue, all for the glory of the hobby. There is no contest or prizes, only pride in knowing that you individually finished a project.


- Pick 5 models that need to be painted (or less, if you don't have 5) and post a picture of them below with as much or as little description as you would like.

- Post updates over the course of the next couple months! We want to see how you're doing.

- Those not taking part in the contest feel free to post your encouragement! We all need a little motivation every now and again.

- Timeline: There is no official date where entry closes. If you want to join May 30 with 5 (or more, or less) unpainted models have at it! The only requirement is that you be done (bases and all) by June 1st.

- SUPER FUN BONUS RULE!!!: For the sake of keeping things interesting, in your first post resolve to try one new painting technique, strategy, etc. It could even be one you've fiddled with before that you want to improve upon (and experienced commenters feel free to add advice).

Now that we got that out of the way, on to the contestants! I will update this part of the thread when a new contestant joins (be patient with me, I've got a lot of work travel coming up so it may take a few days to update).


Alyster Wick, working on freehand tattoos
Radu Lykan
Aurelius, working on a Blanchian style
Lord Borak
Van Hesler

That's it! The more the merrier, and remember to have fun!

Alyster Wick:
Here is a pic of my five models:

They represent two different warbands. The Ganger and Mutants are nefarious associates of Interrogator Wick. They act as his eyes and ears in the underhive and are his doer of evil deeds that the Inquisition cannot be linked to. These folks will have some interesting tribal tattoos and possibly some freehand on their "retro" clothing (it'll be a tight fit in some places, but I'd like to try!).

The two others are the beginning of my puritanical mechanicus killteam. They investigate rumors of heresy within the ranks of the mechanicus and eradicate the impure with extreme prejudice. Both minis will have geometric markings/tattoos adorning their garb and skin.

If you couldn't tell, my new painting technique is freehand, specifically tattoos/clothing graphics.

Well I've managed to find five models for this challenge.

First up are a couple of models that have been sitting around for years. Hope you don't mind that they've already been started (years ago):

The next model is a shapeways print of this sniper that I sculpted for the last Conclave event, but never got around to painting, sorry I've not got a picture of the actual model, yet, but the translucent material shes printed in doesn't photograph well:

The last two models are going to come out of my bits box, in which I found a complete 'Slick' Devlan and an armless Eisenhorn. There was also a couple of arms from a judge model, so theres some converting a greenstuffing to do. I'll post photos once I've assembled them.

Radu Lykan:
lol if it was one i could probably get it done but five? no way

i don't own 5 models, nor have a chance of getting 5 done, so i grabbed 3

a Water Caste (with crappily sculpted arms as i was missing 'em), a cultist to join my growing NPCs and a Soda Pop Relics model who's almost Inquisitor scale:


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