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A Storm of Brushes

Started by Alyster Wick, March 27, 2015, 06:04:06 PM

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Radu Lykan

it was looking tight but with my holiday starting tomorrow at silly o'clock in the morning today was do or die and i did :)
completing my omam for may and my entry into the storm of brushes on the conclave here is Hans and his hunting lizard Ripper

also (as there were three bases in the secret weapon set i bought when i started panicking about bases) a third base so whoever joins them has a matching base

really like the bases, will probably look into secret weapon for more bases for other stuff

Alyster Wick

Looking good Radu! I remember seeing those models posted for the first time (had to be a few years ago at this point) and I'm excited to see you finish them at long last! That's what this thread was for :)

Also, I'm a big fan of the bony protrusions/scales on your beast. Great pieces all around!

Here's my first completed offering (hope to finish his companion by tomorrow):

Full shot:
Side 1:
Side 2:

I'll say, I definitely hit my groove half way through painting him. For better or worse, the sloppier parts are his robes, which take up a vast majority of the model. When I've cleared my painting queue I may revisit him, but for now I say onward and upward!

Alyster Wick

Closing in on one week! I know I have a lot of catching up to do, but here's model number 2 completed, Hunter Killer Yang:


Not super happy with my metals, but I tried some more extreme highlights and was relatively pleased with the results. I've been working on getting stronger whites and am happy with the progress here. Not much freehand to speak of on this model other than "Niki" on Yang's rifle (she named it). There are parts of her I'd like to revisit when I have some more time, but all in all I'm pretty happy. More than anything it's great to have her ready for battle. She quickly became one of my favorite models when, in a show of luck and athleticism, she took a running leap off a platform and jump kicked an NPC in the face, sending him flying across the board and knocking him out cold. It was one of the less probable but most satisfying attacks I'd seen performed, and that action came to define her personality and play style from then on.

Now on to the mutants and hive scum for the closing week!

Van Helser

Nice work there guys. Radu, I really like the colours on the lizard. Some good highlighting there, and probably looks more fitting than a really bright orange all over. Hans looks ready to kick arse. Great menace and strength in that pose.

Alyster, I like the creepy tentacle-mechadendrites that the magos has for a hand. I can imagine the horror of the people he meets and tries to handshake. His rotary cannon really screams "I can handle myself" too. H-K Yang is a really unique build, and i love the bionic head. Reminds of the Geth in Mass Effect, while being very 40k all the same.

I have now finished my fifth model for this contest. An as yet unnamed Ordo Xenos Interrogator.

Bit of a rushed job in the end, but good enough. He will get tinkered with in the future. It was good fun painting some strong primary colours for a change.

My other four models were my latter two daemonhosts, and Dark Mechanicus Magos, and Chaos Reaver Captain. The respective threads for these are here and here.

This challenge was a great idea. Who would be up for another one running July and August?



Don't think I'm going to get 5 models done somehow. I've nearly finished 2 of them and undercoated a 3rd :)

Alyster Wick

Quote from: Van Helser on May 26, 2015, 10:16:25 AM

Alyster, I like the creepy tentacle-mechadendrites that the magos has for a hand. I can imagine the horror of the people he meets and tries to handshake.

If I ever find a way to get the lighting right, I'll have to repost so you can see the blood effects on the tendrils and syringe. Nothing fancy, just the GW Technical Blood, but it goes on thick and shiny. Definitely gets the job done :)

Quote from: Van Helser on May 26, 2015, 10:16:25 AM
This challenge was a great idea. Who would be up for another one running July and August?


Absolutely. I may come up short (working hard not to though!) but this definitely pushed me to paint more than I would have otherwise. If you initiate I'll definitely be down to join.

Lord Borak

These all look great guys. Love the bright colours Van Helser. Alyster Wick, that magos with the mecha-tentacle fingers has probably starred in many a henti-film.

Ok, well here's the finished team. I don't think I'm going to get 5 done but I'll try and get 4 done. Sadly I have a tournament I'm getting ready for on the 6th of June so I'm juggling painting time.

First up is Investigator Gravier Brask.

Next is the oh so eccentric Magos Helnskos

Last, but by no means least is Dixx.

Lord Borak

OH! And yes, I'm up for another contest :D I still have my 'Executioner' and the rival gang to do.


i only managed two out of the three, but did Convert a Dark Angel, a Rogue Trader Crew and an Astartes Crew!

i did paint Morrigan *cough* Zineda...

not a great paint job (the photos don't do her justice) but looks ok on the table!
i make no apologies, i warned you my ability to roll ones was infectious...

Build Your Imagination


Where did you get the dixx model? She is wow.


S.Sgt Silva Birgen: "Good evening, we're here from the Adeptus Defenestratus."
Captain L. Rollin: "Nonsense. Never heard of it."
Birgen: "Pick a window. I'll demonstrate".

GW's =I= articles


Awesome work then man that's jaw dropping I love the paint job.  I have a scratch sculpt from gav that's being unveiled on Saturday.  I may steal the idea of the t-shirt doodle  for this new chick.

Alyster Wick

"Morrigan" is delightful Gav, what's her story? I especially like the bell. Things that don't make sense work really well in 40K and especially well when daemon's are involved. Beyond that I have to wonder where in the world you came up with the concept  ::)

Oh, yes, and I think you get a pass on not completing the paint jobs given your focus on other areas of conversion.

And Borak, you're really forcing people to up their game. I'm in favor of another painting competition because, frankly, I probably have a dozen miniatures that have been languishing for literal years needing nothing more than a paint job to be finished. After that though, a competition involving extreme conversion and sculpting would be great. It'd be especially great to have folks posting the minutia of their WIPs as inspiration/a guide for the rest of us.

Beyond that though, your painting is also pushing the limit. Provided I can hunker down Saturday and Sunday I may try to emulate (as closely as I can) some of your freehand techniques.

Basically, I'm really glad this started and people stuck with it. It's been a long time since I've seen so much activity on the clave and it's definitely pushing me to do more. Yay for motivation!

Alyster Wick

Two days to go! This guys is probably an hour or so away from being done. I need to rehighlight metals, do the entire backpack, and have plenty odds/ends. Also trying to figure out where/what to freehand. I was trying to get "HATE" on one of his hands, botched it totally and fell back on random tribal but the whole thing looks a bit messy because it's intertwined w/ the bracers on his left forearm. Not sure what to do as I really, really don't want to try matching the skin tons again to cover them up. We'll see...

The other two probably have two-three hours a piece (charitably, I've covered some of the bigger areas with their base layer of paint, have the metals washed, and have completed a couple minor details). May not make the deadline, but damned if I'm not gonna try.

Alyster Wick

Ran out of steam, but I do have three fully painted models that I'm pretty happy with and two more that have some paint on them. Overall I'm calling it a success.

Group shot!

The ones that got away...

Here's a few more of Quentin, who I finished up yesterday. He was in prison, thus the barcode shoulder tattoo. His rules also mean that he's never quite sure what kind of grenade he's tossing when he grabs them from his backpack (thus the "FrAg?" note on the grenade, if you can make it out).

And, because it's always good to keep busy, this is what I have staring me in the face once I finish these lads up: