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Witch Hunter - Information and Frequently Asked Questions - Read This First

Started by N01H3r3, July 31, 2009, 08:01:31 PM

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Good Afternoon, inhabitants of the Conclave.

I'm Nathan "N0-1_H3r3" Dowdell, lead designer of Witch Hunter.

Witch Hunter is, at its core, Inquisitor, but in the Warhammer World. It exchanges bolters and lasguns for muskets and longbows, power armour for plate, psykers for wizards, and Inquisitors with all manner of psychotic and unstable Witch Hunters...

Witch Hunter is entirely unofficial, and inspired by all manner of interpretations of the Warhammer World.

In short, Witch Hunter is Narrative Skirmish Wargaming in the Warhammer World.

Frequently Asked Questions

What goes on in here, then?
This board is for discussing aspects of the Witch Hunter Hobby. Any rules questions, suggested new rules, questions about Games Workshop's Warhammer World background, and questions about modelling and painting can all be asked here.

I don't have the Witch Hunter rules. How do I get my hands on it?

The Witch Hunter rules can be found, in their current state, on my web-page, here. The rules aren't finished, and will be updated sporadically. When I update the rules, the link will remain the same, and I will post on this board to inform everyone.

Witch Hunter requires the use of the Inquisitor rulebook (which can be downloaded for free from the GW website), and, like Inquisitor, works on any scale you have suitable models for. The original playtests were done with standard 28mm models from Games Workshop's Warhammer and Mordheim ranges.

As Witch Hunter is still in development, I encourage anybody who plays a game of it to post about it on the forums and provide feedback. Those who do so can, if they like, contact me and I'll place their names in the playtester credits.

I'm really proud of my latest painted model, and want everyone to see it. Can I post a picture of it here?
Yes you can! See the pictures question below. As well as embedded images, you can link to an externally hosted version of your pictures, using sites like Photobucket or ImageShack.

I've posted my warband, and everyone hates it. What can I do?
Well, it's no secret that no two people think completely alike, and there will always be people who don't like an idea. However, you should always listen to what people say about your ideas – they're not saying them just to run you down. There are a lot of helpful people on the Conclave who will always try to provide useful ways to improve an idea. You don't have to do what they recommend, but it's always advisable to listen to what they have to say.

Can I post ideas for my latest set of home-grown rules?
By all means. Indeed, I encourage it. Witch Hunter is still being written, and any suggestions will be considered, debated and might even be added to the main rulespack.

The latter isn't likely - the main Witch Hunter rulespack does have to stop somewhere, afterall, and I can't include everything. However, that shouldn't stop anyone writing their own material as supplements for the main rules. If you've got a particular passion for the Skaven and don't think there's enough detail on them in the rulebook's necessarily brief bestiary, feel free to expand on it to your heart's content. I won't complain... I may even help.

Right, I want to play a game of Witch Hunter. Are there any Witch Hunter players in my area?
Witch Hunter is a relatively niche game at the moment, but everyone can do their part to help it expand. I've had great success running demonstration games in Games Workshop stores in the past (always discuss this with the store's manager before you do this, as different managers have different policies for this sort of thing), and have heard of people gathering together groups of people who already play Inquisitor, Mordheim or other GW games and introducing them to Witch Hunter.

It might be difficult to find a game at first, but they do happen. If you're having trouble, look at the list of Conclave members here to see if there's anyone in your local area who might be up for a game...

Help! Someone's being rude to me! What do I do?
Don't rise to the bait. Walk away from the conversation, and send an email to one of the moderators. They're skilled at dealing with such situations and will come down hard on those who are rude and aggressive on the boards.

Someone's posting unwanted nonsense in my thread. What do I do?
You can, if you like, try and persuade them to stop. We encourage users to try and work out their issues amicably if possible. However, if they won't stop, or they become angry, send an email to the moderators. They can delete unwanted posts, and will clean up your thread if necessary.

Can we post pictures?
Embedded images are allowed in posts, though the rules are follows: Only images of Inquisitor models or other modelling-related Inquisitor projects will be allowed. Obviously this also includes pictures of scenery or in-game photos for battle reports. It does not include pictures unrelated to Witch Hunter(and the Warhammer background in a Witch Hunter context), or copyrighted material belonging to Games Workshop or other companies, which will be mercilessly and righteously purged from these halls! Images in signatures will not be permitted, to prevent the site slowing down.

What about Avatars?
We allow the use of Avatars, but ultimate moderation of these images rests with the moderators of The Conclave. Any avatar deemed unsuitable will be immediately removed. Avatars should somehow represent your online persona in the Warhammer World or Warhammer 40,000 universe. Persistent offending with unsuitable avatars will result in the user having their ability to use an avatar removed.
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