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Hans Vaanasaan
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Hans Vaanasaan

Born into the deadly planet wide jungles on Targus near the sprawling metropolis of Targus IV, Hans Vaanasaan made a name for himself as a tracker amongst the Wardens, the ancestral profession of guarding the cities of Targus from the deadly inhabitants of the jungles.
Hans’ family had become adept at training one of the deadliest beasts of the jungle, the venosaur. Venosaurs are lizards, around the size of a large dog, that are covered in razor sharp spines which secrete extremely virulent poisons, these spines ensure they are left well alone by the larger predators of Targus and are free to roam the jungle, using their surprising intelligence and speed to hunt various prey species.
Already a prominent contract holder amongst the various Warden families due to these creatures supplementing their hunt teams; the singular tracking skills of the young Hans propelled the Vaanasaan name to the top of the kill quota charts held by Targus IV’s defence overseers. This success brought much wealth and power to the family, Jurgen Vaanasaan, Hans’ father was inundated with new contracts for additional patrol zones around the city and even contacted by defence overseers from other cities.
Along with the wealth and power there also came the envy and even hatred of those other warden families whose contracts were taken from them. Overtime this culminated in the assassination of Jurgen along with many of his loyal hunt teams while he was travelling to set up a possible operation in the city of Targus VII. Records from the almost destroyed transport skimmer showed the perpetrators were from a mix of the warden families local to Targus IV. Hans took this evidence to the local enforcers but they would not act upon crimes outside their jurisdiction. In the wilds between the cities the only law was survival of the fittest. Hans decided if the enforcers wouldn’t do anything then he would. Gathering all of the ferocious hunting beasts from his family’s stables he went on a long hunt, over the space of 3 months he tracked down and killed all of the members of each warden family who had perpetrated his father’s murder, often setting his pack of beasts upon them. Each and every one of his victims ravaged bodies were left outside the nearest enforcers’ precinct with the words “criminals must be punished” carved into their foreheads. This clear affront to the enforcers, their honour and interpretation of the law, the unrest amongst the other warden families and the complete collapse of the protective ring of hunt teams surrounding the city allowing all manner of vicious creatures to enter the cities lower levels meant they had no choice but to make an example of him, they put a bounty on his head. With all of his father’s murderers dead by his hands, hunted by the law and any possible future amongst the wardens impossible he was forced to flee. Using the wealth his family had gained he paid a merchant to take him off world, taking only his most trusted hunting companion, Ripper the venosaur.
After escaping Targus Vaanasaan, with Ripper at his side, acted as a bounty hunter, mercenary and tracker, hunting giant mutated rats in the depths of star ships, clearing tunnel networks of all manner of critters, even coming up against various xenos including a Hrud raiding party on Salanx.
It was whilst successfully purging the heavily armoured ferro beasts from the solar panel fields on the mining moon of Skoba that Hans came to the attention of Inquisitor Mordax. Inquisitor Mordax had been investigating a string of not so coincidental ferro beast infestations in the surrounding subsector, all on worlds where they could do the most damage, ventilation ducts on the subterranean hive cities of Tubellum and an Adeptus Mechanicus space station were among the targets, somebody was intentionally spreading these pests for reasons of their own. Hans’ expertise enabled these infestations to be eliminated before they could cause serious harm but the mysterious instigator of the infestations was never found. Hans’ impressive abilities and cold hard demeanour led to Mordax requesting that he become a permanent part of his retinue.
The chance to regain some purpose in his life and the ability to prosecute imperial law without jurisdiction that only the inquisition could give made Hans’ decision to join Mordax inevitable.
Since that day Hans and Ripper have become stalwart members of Mordax’s staff and have received all of the benefits of inquisitorial training and support, most notably high quality bionics after an encounter with a Genestealer, even Ripper’s highly developed evolutionary defences no match for the unnatural biological killing machine, only a last ditch shot to the head from Hans’ revolver saving them.

Hans Vaanasaan
ws   bs    s     t     i     wp     sg      n    ld
54   57   58   61  59    60     58    65   65

Axe, Knife, pump action shotgun with 16 manstopper and 16 scatter shells, revolver, armoured gauntlets

enviro suit (armour 3 on all locations bar head) incorporates a chest mounted daylight lamp and a rebreather.
average bionic lungs, motion tracker, comm link.

hipshooting= As a warden of the jungle Hans is well practised in the art of firing on the move, taking beasts down the moment they emerge from the jungle being the only real survival tactic available to the wardens.

leader (ripper only)= Raised by Hans' father ripper the venosaur has been a constant companion of Hans’ for many years. Ripper is so well trained he is able to use Hans’ leadership for any relevant tests.

skilled hunter (+20 to awareness tests, -20 to enemy awareness tests +GM)= A life time of depending on his hunting skills has given Hans some extraordinary abilities, capable of tracking over barren rock, blending into his surroundings and moving without sound.

Ripper the venosaur
ws   bs    s     t     i     wp     sg      n    ld
55   0     75   55  45    30     30    48   39
bionic front right claw
poisonous spines
sharp teeth
motion tracker with link to Hans' plus video relay
EDIT, forgot gills and scaly hide

help here, the model has a bionic eye and a bionic claw, how would you stat a big arse pet lizard with bionics?

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Re: Hans Vaanasaan
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Poisonous spines... I assume due to the non-existent BS that they're meant to be used in CC, so are you planning to have them as a cc weapon that can be used as normal (like trying to jab enemies with them) or as something that automatically does D3 (just as a random benchmark) poisoned hits to any enemy in base contact?
Furthermore, what poison is on them; one of the rulebook ones, or something of your own invention?
Loving the concept as a whole, stats are balanced and the background's great.
Looking forward to seeing models for them (Ripper will definitely look awesome no matter how you make it) :)

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Re: Hans Vaanasaan
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the spines are more of a deterrent to attack than an out and out weapon, i figure for every close combat attack made against ripper(successful or not) his attacker takes a hit from the spines. am currently thinking that bloodfire plus choke should represent a pretty nasty toxin but am open to suggestions
heres a pic of the model for ripper, hans is still in bits format
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Re: Hans Vaanasaan
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Sounds ok so far, although I do still think the fluff is a bit wordy.

I dont think the spines should work like that. Perhaps an unarmed attack, but why would hitting it with a big stick get you hurt by the spines?

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Re: Hans Vaanasaan
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of the deadliest beasts of the jungle, the venosaur. Venosaurs are lizards, around the size of a large dog, that are covered in razor sharp spines which secrete extremely virulent poisons, each with a tree growing from it's back. It can learn moves like leech seed and vine whip. It is Pokemon no.3.


Sorry, couldn't resist. I suppose the joke is on me though as I may have just admitted to once being in to Pokemon.

Manstopper are not technically an option for shotguns, though I doubt anyone will complain. I'd look at Marco's armoury though, see if you see a shotgun you prefer, lever action might be fun for example, or a dual mag pump, giving a shot selector between the two types of ammo. I'd also look at the ammo types he's done. Perpetrator slugs might be a substitute to manstopper, and I think the shredder rounds are suitable for hunting, as it is like a net, but it cuts monsters up. That he has Ripper implies taking them alive is sometimes the job, so some spider shells are a must, and given his remarkable wealth, he could probably get his hands on a few bolt shells for when he meets the really nasty critters.

Why a revolver as a backup? I'd give him a powerful, high quality laspistol. It ties him to the 40k universe with some classic imperial tech, he could easily get one now he can access an Inquisitor's armoury and it is more effective.
I'd give him a 2D6+2 (high power setting = + another 2 for double ammo use), range J, single/semi(2/3), +5 acc, 25 shot, enc 20 laspistol and a reload for it.

Depending on the model, I wouldn't be surprised if he had armoured his envirosuit (Av 4) on some locations or even attached some light carapace (AV 5) plates.

Since he is such a capable hunter, the best of his generation in the area of several cities, I'd give either his Sg a decent boost (if his skills come from his clever hunting tricks) or a Bs boost (if he is just really good at shooting the creatures) or a bit of a boost to each (if it's a combo of the two).
Targus might not qualify for a deathworld, but is sounds pretty bad. I'd boost T and Wp, and perhaps Nv, by a bit because of the difficulties that growing up in these jungles forced him to meet an overcome.

As for ripper, I'd make him speed 6 (I 90+) as they are supposed to be very fast creatures, and this would result in him being better at awareness checks, which is very suitably for a hunting hound.
Mental stats are tricky, I'd put a smart canine in the sg 30-35 range (because Stephen Fry said German shepherd were IQ 70). I'd give him a more respectable Wp and Nv because of his loyalty to Hans and, if like canines venosaurs are pack creatures, a better Ld too. I'd also give him a ballistic skill. Just because he lacks the appendages necessary to shoot/throw, doesn't mean he'd be a bad shot if he could. A token 20-30 I'd say.
What is the Strength of his bionic arm/leg? Is that included in his S of 75? If not I'd reduce it by a few points. I'd up the weapon skill though, big dogs in close combat are hampered by lack of reach, but they tend to win against unarmed humans, so I'd say mid to high 60's, for S as well actually.
I'd say that the spines should be one free attack per turn, plus a hit against any unarmed hits from opponents, plus any other times the GM thinks it appropriate (though it should probably use the attacker S bonus in these cases). They should probably confer Av 4 odd too. For the poison I'd just choose one type. Deadly animal poisons tend to be quite slow acting (hours rather than seconds) so I'd suggest something like this:
Venom: If damage is done (by the spines) after reductions for armour etc, then on a 3+ venom enters the blood stream. If this happens then the victim gains D3-1 to their injury total every turn (D3+1 if it was a chest  wound, D3 if it was an abdomen or head wound). This continues for the whole game and some time afterwards unless the antidote is ingested.

Alternatively how about a not so deadly poison that numbs the area stung:
If damage is done (by the spines) after reductions for armour etc, then the location suffers the effects of D6-1 levels of injury (D3 for head and abdomen), excepting any bleeding. Note the injury total is not increased by this poison nor is the location counted as being at this level of damage.
*Insert token witticism*

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Re: Hans Vaanasaan
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hehe cade likes pokemon!  :P
no i have never had any dealings with pokemon i was simply tring to make a word that meant poisonous lizard, how unfortunate. forgot to go over marcos stuff, this character has been in production for a lot longer than i was aware of the revised armoury. we are not sure if we are going to use the revised rules or regular rule book yet. i figured manstopper for taking down big stuff like clawed fiends and scatter for small quick stuff like rats etc.
the revolver is just cool, i didnt pic it for effectiveness, it is simply a back up, might have it as an old heirloom of his dads, that and ripper are the only things he has from his homeworld type thing.
model wise, his hands will be armoured not sure on the adding of plates, he will be using gruss' torso.
his skills in hunting will be more of a sg thing than anything else, i considered giving him traps etc but for now will keep him simple. as for other boosts, we are trying to keep stats quite low across the board, should make games more fun.
aww crap, i forgot to add in enhanced senses for ripper. i figure enhanced senses should give him the sort of awareness you are talking about and the quadruped rules make him fast enough? am totally open on this though as i have no idea how he will play, i think after a few games i will boost or reduce his stats.
the bionics are included in his strength of 75, was unsure how to work it out, he has 4 legs so i just went for the easy option of a single number for all of them. how would you write/work it?
regarding the weapon skill, i wasnt sure whether a high ws was appropriate? which would be better fluff wise, raising the ws or adding furious assault? is a dog really that skilled or is it just the combination of ferocity and brute strength/speed?
for the venom, i was going for something very fast acting hence the bloodfire and choke combined, i wanted something dangerous. will look into it tomorrow, lessening the effects isnt a problem though. what  are the rules for acid blood again? i might modify those regarding actually receiving the venom. he does have a spiny tail though which could be used as a free poisoned attack? will think some more on it.
thanks a lot for the input, i want to get this critter right as the model is pretty much ready to go bar paint.

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Re: Hans Vaanasaan
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I might now make a character with a charazard lizard - just to spite you....

What's that - i'm an ex pokemon nerd too!?! Gah, given myself away a bit there haven't i....