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Pictures at last
« on: March 12, 2010, 07:46:00 PM »
Though I have posted pictures before, they've always been awful. However, I now have access to both a camera and a photographer ( ;D) and am able to post images that don't make me go "oh lord what have I done"... apart from when I see bits I missed on them, of course...

So -

Here's my Eldar, Prince Meallan (currently also in the Rules forum), standing on one of my CD terrain pieces. It is, obviously, an old Gothic Ruin, mounted on a CD and then textured with plaster.

Here's my baldy explorer, Cadogan (also found in the Rules forum, hidden away a bit). He may look like he has no eyes, but he actually has closed lids - seriously, they are closed. Its kinda weird.

Here's my Rogue Trader, Captain Remiel. He's standing on my other Gothic Ruin CD piece.
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